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true but you would have to run a wire from the switch to the relay other that the two wires (hot and neutral) that currently exist because you have to put the power line from the switch to the hot. where are you going to get constant power that is not switched from? I used the aux for the pull chains for my fan and my light on the fixture. I must note because my fan has one switch to control fan and light I have it installed in the fan not in the wall.

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While not a GREAT deal, Amazon does have Leviton DZMX1-1LZ for $39 today.

Checkout this Network Attached Storage with Android display on lighting sale for next 4 hours. Wondering if this would also work as a SmartThings display. Anyone used it before?

Not sure why you would need a network media server for ST

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I think he’s talking about running the App on the display, IDK if it would run or not, but if it’s anything like my android tablets it won’t display very elegantly on a larger screen…

Smart tiles would though -

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I don’t know about having to use a small little wireless keyboard to try to move a pointer a screen to click at things. I guess it could work double-duty with Landroid and have all your sounds come through your TV but you would have to leave the TV on all the time.

Best Buy Deal of the Day:
Logitech - Harmony Touch 15-Device Universal Remote for $99, down from $299.
Model: 915-000198 SKU: 6500555


Is this one good for HA, or is it only for TVs, etc?

Exactly, I would like to run ST app on it.
When watching TV, too lazy to get up, open app and do whatever needed.

By itself - no. But you can pair it to a harmony hub and then you will be able to control HA devices.
I changed 2 of these and finally gave up on them because of the buzzing noise coming from it when the backlight is on.

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$150-$200 for a NMS + cost of 2 HDDs + cost of touchscreen monitor is a bit excessive IMHO if you just want it to display Smarttiles.

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Alas I agree that if that’s All you wanted the device for it seems silly, but it would possibly have an Added benefit of being able to use it as a personal cloud along with being able to use this with smarttiles / smartthings.

So maybe if you are looking for a 1 drive NAS, and have ST. And want some, even though it might be small, amount of integration this device is for you.

I was only trying to defend that some people may see that as an added plus, I however am not one of them as I have no use case for it. :neutral_face:


no, next model up will work though 915-000237

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While visiting Home Depot today.

Yep Same at my local HD, it’s been posted a few times but not for a while. Looks like HD is trying to clear these out.

I think the integration with ST has been spotty so if you want something that works better it might be wise to spend a few dollars more and get something that directly connects as I think TCP is only cloud to cloud (correct me if i’m wrong)


Yea you need their gateway. I personally really like my Cree lights but I also have an Osram recessed fixture however that requires the Osram gateway in order to do a firmware update. So if you don’t care for color get a Cree they work really well.


Polite way of saying that ST keeps losing connection and you need to open up TCP connect app and login again every couple days.That doesn’t change the fact that the bulb would always lose sync with the TCP hub.

Had about 12 of these, they were my first entry into HA a couple years ago. With new Hue whites only being $14 they almost have all been replaced/upgraded


Anyone looking for a touchscreen controller, this looks good, with 4 star average:

ASUS Nexus 7 (7-Inch, 32 GB, Wi-Fi + 3G/4G) Tablet (2012) (Certified Refurbished) $89.99
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

What about the Amazon Fire tablet that is $49 and sometimes could be found on sale for even lower? I think I got it for $34.99 thinking I don’t need it but hoping I would find some use for it as a remote control for guests.


There’s a whole thread about using the $39/$49 kindles

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So I finally got my refurb Harmony hub hooked up and connected to ST. In the setup I was asked if I wanted to import my activities and create virtual switches for them. I did not do that because I wasn’t sure if it was going to mess up my current settings on the Touch remote.

If I do go back and import those activities and turn them into virtual switches, can I rename them to a more “voice” friendly name so I can recall them via Autovoice or similar without affecting my other activities in the Touch remote?

Note: If you have feedback, please feel free to PM me so we don’t add clutter to this thread. Thanks!