Update to SmartThings Groovy Transition

Ditto. I don’t think I’ve had a device migrate automatically since early-to-mid December.


agreed, I also see no progress in automatic migration. Most devices of my smart home I have migrated myself, only four or five were migrated in the background in early December. Since the mid of December I have four remaining devices which are still running with original Smartthings device handlers (not custom DTH!). I thought they would be migrated soon, but nothing happens. They are three Gledopto Zigbee bulbs, and a Z-wave Siren.

Well, I tried to reset it, and I get no blinking lights, so maybe it’s dead. I put a new battery in it, but the battery doesn’t seem to fit too tight, so maybe something’s up with that, or the new battery is dead as well. I might just have to get a new one, although they’ve gotten a bit more expensive than they used to be…

Check out this thread. You might have the same ones I have. I didn’t realize that I had some of the original 1st generation Samsung multipurpose devices. They have two models, and they look identical. The only thing that works on the 1st generation model with the Edge driver is the Open/Close using the magnet, and the temperature. While everything on the identical looking second generation model works on Edge.

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I am willing to make a small wager that we will go into the Christmas holiday this year, still waiting for the migration to be completed.
I think that SmartThings has one person, working part-time, who is responsible for migration across the globe. He/she has only worked one day this year so far.


53 more devices just added to the migration list Smartthings official migration list


I had two Sengled bulbs migrate right after the first of the year. Only have seventeen devices remaining and no more progress.

I think that what I have left are all more instances of the same brand/model of ones that were already migrated.

Good news! Q1 of 2023 ends at the end of the month (end of next week). So all our devices should be moved over to Edge very soon.





Or 311223… not so funny


I guess there’s no hope that Life360 integration will come back, is there?

SmartThings started off for me as a glorified lamp timer. I then set up a bunch of other automations based on presence using Life360. That worked great for a few years.

Now presence detection is reliably unreliable, and so in our house SmartThings has been relegated back to a glorified lamp timer.

I got the impression that SmartThings would convert all my devices to Edge. That was most likely wishful thinking on my part. Instead I have had to search each manufacturer’s website for instructions, and often all I find is the instructions for the old Groovy setup.


cloud to cloud integrations are now up the the product owners. They own and maintain any integrations to ST. Life360 has already mentioned they will not be creating an integration for ST at this time.

Edge drivers are for devices connected directly to the hub such as zigbee, z-wave, etc but not for cloud to cloud integrations.

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Big discussion on presence in the topic below, but in summary:

  • ST app based presence on your phone works well for some, but not so good for others
  • Alexa or IFTTT app presence on your phone can be used to trigger virtual presence sensors in ST which can be used in ST Routines/Rules API
  • Using virtual presence sensors vs member location in Routines allows you to switch out the underlying presence detection mechanism without having to touch all your Routines

I’m personally using Alexa presence for our household and it has been working reliably for us (and is discussed in that same topic).


SmartThings will convert most Zigbee/zwave devices (but not quite all) IF they were using stock groovy DTHs. If they were using custom code, and you have not downloaded custom edge drivers that match the same fingerprint, smartthings will attempt to convert it to a stock edge driver, but you might lose some functionality. And as @jkp mentioned, SmartThings will not be converting cloud to cloud integrations, which don’t use edge drivers anyway.

Here is the official transition FAQ . note that since that was written, the dates have changed , with the December 21 2022 date now being “ first quarter of 2023.”

The native SmartThings presence sensing seems to work better if you let Life360 run in the background on your phone. It seems to force regular location updates on you phone which seems to make ST presence sensing work better.

That has not been my experience on either the Android or iOS phones that are in our household.

We’re still having Life360 run on both of our phones, with battery optimization disabled. My Pixel 5 is fairly reliable (I’d say about 60% of the time it correctly flags me leaving in SmartThings, but I also get a lot of random false “left” & “returned” notifications (from SmartThings).

Ironically, my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S21+ virtually never works (with respect to accurately reporting presence to SmartThings). A Samsung product that behaves worse than a non-Samsung product when talking to a Samsung product.

I appreciate others trying to suggest workarounds, but the fact is this used to be (almost) bulletproof, and because Samsung decided to “improve” things, it became unreliable.


Hello everyone
Have a problem with 50+ Fibaro Dimmer 2 devices. All of them were migrated to Edge stock driver last year and were working fine. But unknowingly I logged into IDE 20 days ago and changed device type from “placeholder” to the DTH thinking that’s what was meant to be. Since then nothing is working. I have tried moving these devices back to placeholder in IDE but they keep switching back to DTH. At the same time, on the iOS app they still seem to suggest to be using stock edge drivers.

What can I do to “re migrate” to Edge?

Were they automatically migrated? I have a bunch of these, but none have been migrated so far.
You probably have to exclude them, and include again to get them over to the new driver. I suppose you’ve already installed the community developed edge-driver for these switches?