Update on Groovy Platform Migrations

Since our last update, we have been diligently working to continue migration of Groovy devices to our new Lua Edge drivers as well as launching new features for Matter devices and the SmartThings application.

We wanted to provide an update on some next steps for this platform transition over the next few months. Be sure to watch the announcements section of the SmartThings community for more updates like this.

Automatic Device Pairing with LUA Drivers

After May 24, 2023, we plan on disabling device joining for Groovy DTHs in SmartThings. After this change, newly connected devices will use a SmartThings owned driver or (if you have it installed) a community-created driver for device setup. This step will not cause your connected devices with Groovy DTHs to stop working but, if you have to re-onboard those devices, they may add as a “Thing” if no driver can be matched.

Supported Device Migrations

We are still in the process of seamlessly migrating supported devices from Groovy DTHs to a Lua Edge driver behind the scenes. If you have a supported device that still has not been migrated despite being targeted on this list Here, don’t worry, we are working on this and you should see changes within the next few months. We are doing this process in phases to ensure minimal impact to the platform and your devices.

For users with older Sonos models: After migration to a Lua Edge driver, these devices may not continue to support the playing of audio notifications. We have added this to the list of affected supported devices in the FAQ Here.

Migration for Community-Created Groovy DTH Devices

After June 1, 2023, we will begin the process of migrating devices which are using community-created Groovy DTHs to our new Lua Edge drivers. Our system will attempt to find a SmartThings owned driver or (if you have it installed) a community-created Lua Edge driver that best matches your device. There may be a difference in functionality depending on the original features of the Groovy DTH. If SmartThings cannot find a driver that matches your device, it will be migrated to a “Thing” placeholder and will no longer function.

If you do not want your device with a community-created Groovy DTH to become a “Thing” or if your device is migrated to a “Thing”, you will need to follow one of the options outlined Here.


So what happens to those devices that were explicitly supported on a stock DTH but have not yet been ported to an Edge driver (in my case the Sonoff S26R2ZB)? Are we to hope that they don’t need to be onboarded again after May 24th, or if they do that a generic fingerprint will suffice?


Does this imply:

  1. That those devices not well supported by the ST drivers to be enrolled sooner rather than later as could have been an option before to ensure they move to a supported driver (e.g., ZOOZ devices) rather than being a thing.
  2. The new notification did not clarify why many of us we are getting drivers that are unneeded. I’m a bit concerned about memory use if we get lots of these.
  3. It is still hard (with multiple unsorted lists noted) if certain devices are likely to become things due to obsolescence.


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omg really


What are these older Sonos models ? - the linked FAQ just repeats the same "Older models of Sonos speakers These devices will no longer support the playing of media files in the SmartThings app"

Is it whether they are running OS S2?

What does “no longer support the playing of media files” change? - currently I can only see volume and start/stop type controls plus the selection of an existing favourite station - and even that isn’t available to routines.

I believe they are referring to devices running the S1 operating system, in part because that makes sense from a software perspective, and in part because all of my many Sonos S2 devices, old and new, are working with the new Edge driver. But yes, the statement should be more specific.

There are, as you are apparently already aware, capabilities beyond those available to routines that can be accessed via Rules or the API. In the new Edge driver you can see media files commands under the audioNotification capability.

Screenshot 2023-05-20 062447

These are the ‘media files’ commands to which the post is referring, I’m almost certain.

In the Edge driver, you can play favorites via routines, although as currently implemented you have to use the favoriteId, not the name. There’s been some discussion about this, but as yet no clear answer as to if or when this might be addressed.

FWIW, I would be cautious about migrating to the Sonos Edge driver as yet, as there is a rather pesky issue with lost connections wherein the device stops responding to commands from the app or routines and rules. @AlejandroPadilla and one other engineer who’s experienced the problem himself were investigating this at one point, but it’s been a while since there’s been any kind of update on a fix.

I was wondering that as well- definitely unclear…

Thanks for the replies - I’m hoping it is just an S1/S2 thing but it’s a disappointingly vague entry to appear so late. Satisfying the HUE Hub restriction (no V1) is easy enough but Sonos is a different matter - they’re expensive and it’s something that people might tend to add to rather than replace older purchases.

By Routines perhaps I meant Scenes. I find Scenes handy as they can be triggered by ST and Alexa reducing variables. Although it’s easy to have a Scene turn on Sonos and set volume it won’t select a track and plays whatever was last played - but the app can manually choose a Sonos favourite.

My work-around is to have a short duration zero volume Sonos alarm run early every day to make a track selection that a Scene can start playing later.

These are the options you have with the Edge driver for scenes and routines:

Thanks for info - the addition of ‘Play a favourite’ to Scenes will be a big help

What about Ledvance light bulbs? I have several of them and still no ST drivers.

Hi, @orangebucket
We’re checking this part with the team, we’ll keep you updated.


Hi @bthrock
I will ask about the issue with the team, as soon as I had a response I will inform you


I have 8 devices (three different device types) that use stock DTH’s that still haven’t updated to edge drivers:

6 - NuTone NWD500Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Wall Dimmer Switch
1 - Zigbee Switch, Inle Smart Light Switch
1 - Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.)

I’ve still got 12 devices on standard DTH (aeotec, innr and smartthings mainstream devices)

@wags1, @23dash, please verify this comment, the migration is still in progress.

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Can you explain why Ledvance ( Osram spin-off) doesn’t appear in the supported devices website even though smartthings appears as a partner according to ledvance website?

I see 2 entries under add by brand in the US

Thanks for the confirmation.

Smart+ Wifi has nothing to do with the zigbee platform and Osram has nothing to do with Ledvance (they are different companies with different owners)