Groovy to Edge Device Migration List

Below is a list of device types that have already been migrated to our new Lua Edge drivers. We will mark new entries to this list with BOLD TEXT to make it clear which entities are new from week to week.

You can confirm if your device is using a Lua Edge driver by checking out the steps here. If your device has been migrated and you feel it is no longer working as expected, please reach out to our customer support team by selecting “Contact Us” from the Menu (☰) in the SmartThings app. Test

Note: Your device type may be on the list and still not have migrated. That does not mean your device will not be migrated, it may just be done at a later time. We will have an announcement posted later addressing devices that fall into this category.

Device Types
ZigBee Sound Sensor Qubino Dimmer
Zigbee Power Meter Dawon Z-Wave Smart Plug
Zigbee Range Extender Ecolink Zigbee Water/Freeze Sensor
Springs Window Fashions Remote Z-Wave Switch Battery
SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor NYCE Motion Sensor
GE Link Bulb eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor
ZigBee RGB Bulb Z-Wave Basic Window Shade
Z-Wave Water Sensor Eaton Accessory Dimmer
Z-Wave Motion Sensor DM2500ZB Sinope Dimmer
Z-Wave Mouse Trap SW2500ZB Sinope Switch
Cree Bulb Orvibo Gas Detector
Ikea Motion Sensor Zooz Power Strip
SmartSense Button RM3250ZB Sinope Load Controller
Z-Wave Range Extender Zigbee Plugin Motion Sensor
SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor Zigbee Metering Plug Power Consumption Report
Z-Wave Metering Switch Qubino 3 Phase Meter
Z-Wave Garage Door Opener NYCE Open/Closed Sensor
Zigbee Metering Plug CentraLite Thermostat
Z-Wave Switch Secure CT100 Thermostat
ZigBee Switch Power ZigBee Dimmer
ZigBee Dimmer Power ZigBee Lock Without Codes
Z-Wave Metering Dimmer Inovelli 2-Channel Smart Plug
Zigbee Motion detector Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5
Orvibo Contact Sensor TH1123ZB-TH1124ZB Sinope Thermostat
Z-Wave Water Valve ZigBee Dimmer with Motion Sensor
ZLL RGB Bulb Zen Thermostat
Tyco Door/Window sensor Z-Wave Thermostat
SmartSense Moisture Sensor Z-Wave Battery Thermostat
ZigBee Switch Fibaro Walli Dimmer Switch
Z-Wave Relay ZLL RGBW Bulb
SmartSense Multi ZigBee Valve
Keen Home Smart Vent Aeon Outlet
SmartPower Dimming Outlet Home Energy Meter
Nortek Water Leak Sensor EcoNet Vent
Orvibo Moisture Sensor Open/Closed Sensor
Z-Wave Motion/Light Sensor TH1500ZB Sinope Thermostat
Aeon Home Energy Meter Fidure Thermostat
Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor TH1300ZB Sinope Thermostat
Dimmer Switch TH1400ZB Sinope Thermostat
SmartPower Outlet Samsung Smart Doorlock
Zigbee Smoke Sensor eZEX smart electric switch
Spruce Sensor Z-Wave Remote
Fibaro RGBW Controller Z-Wave Switch
Aeon SmartStrip Z-Wave Switch Generic
Z-Wave Water/Temp/Humidity Sensor Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic