[ST EDGE] [RELEASE] Homeseer Devices, manufacturer-provided edge drivers

Homeseer has released its official edge drivers for its devices. they are fully featured and out of beta. I believe this is all they are planning to release at this time.

As of 19 March, their channel includes:

  • FC200 Fan Switch
  • FLS100-G2 Floodlight sensor
  • FS100-L dual flex sensor
  • FS100-W perimeter water sensor
  • HSM200 multisensor
  • WD200+ Dimmer
  • WS200+ Switch
  • WX300 Dimmer and Switch


So here’s the channel:


If you have any problems or questions about these, contact Homeseer support. I haven’t seen a timeline for any other models.

There is also a community – created edge driver. It supports more models at this time (including the older WS100 and WD100 models), but is still in beta, and doesn’t have all features for all devices yet. Ask any questions about that channel in the author thread.

[BETA] Edge Drivers for Homeseer Devices


A couple of people asked me how to set the status light colors with these edge drivers. Apparently you can do that with routines or with the rules API, but not with smart lighting. Here’s the answer I got.


All the features are accessible in Routines, but not in Smart Lighting.


They can also be used from the Rules API:

Here’s an example of the “THEN” section of a Rule that changes the color of LED 2 to Blinking Magenta.

"then": [
						"command": {
							"devices": [
							"commands": [
									"component": "main",
									"capability": "platemusic11009.hsStatusLedTwoColor",
									"command": "setStatusLedTwoColor",
									"arguments": [
											"string": "blinkingMagenta"

These are the commands and options they’ll need to know if they plan on using the Rules API:

The Blinking Frequency argument is an “integer”, but all of the others are “string”.

All Models

Change LED Mode:
capability: platemusic11009.hsLedMode
command: setLedMode
options: normal, status

Change Normal LED Color:
capability: platemusic11009.hsNormalLedColor
command: setNormalLedColor
options: red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, white

Change Blinking Frequency: (Overrides other settings so LEDs won’t blink when set to 0)
capability: platemusic11009.hsStatusLedBlinkingFreq
command: setStatusLedBlinkingFreq
options: 0-255

Model WS200 Only

Blinking is determined by the Blinking Frequency setting mentioned above

Change Color of LED
capability: platemusic11009.hsStatusLedColor
command: setStatusLedColor
options: off, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, white

Models: WD200 & WX300 Only (also FC200 once it is published)

Change Color/Blinking of All LEDs:
capability: platemusic11009.hsStatusLedBlinkingColor
command: setStatusLedColor
options: off, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, white, blinkingRed, blinkingGreen, blinkingBlue, blinkingMagenta, blinkingYellow, blinkingCyan, blinkingWhite

Change Color/Blinking of LED 1:
capability: platemusic11009.hsStatusLedOneColor
command: setStatusLedOneColor
options: off, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, white, blinkingRed, blinkingGreen, blinkingBlue, blinkingMagenta, blinkingYellow, blinkingCyan, blinkingWhite

Change Color/Blinking of LED 2
capability: platemusic11009.hsStatusLedTwoColor
command: setStatusLedTwoColor
options: off, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, white, blinkingRed, blinkingGreen, blinkingBlue, blinkingMagenta, blinkingYellow, blinkingCyan, blinkingWhite



This is such great information - thank you. I just tried using a routine to set a particular WD200 LED to a color and optionally flashing. That worked great. Unfortunately, there is a deal breaker limitation for me. To be able to set the LED color in the routine you must also turn on the switch. So, if my garage door closes I can set the corresponding status LED back to green, but the light that switch controls must turn on.

I’ll try the Rules API approach over the next few days. With the great instructions above that shouldn’t be too difficult, and it will enable me to bring all my status LED on/off commands together into a single rule.

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I am not running on Edge for my HomeSeer switches, but that I have several routines I’ve setup that this is not true–you have to UNselected the “turn on” switch (hit the radio button). Then you can just have it turn on the LED. I would assume it is the same with the new EDGE driver, too.


@brenthaag You are absolutely correct. I did not realize you could unselect those buttons. My routine is now working perfectly. Many thanks. That saved me some work with the Rules API!


I tested that last night with iOS and Android and unselecting worked with both, but now if you unselect “Turn on” or “Turn Off” in the iOS app all the other actions disappear.

@nayelyz they’ve broken and fixed this several times in the past so do you know if it’s been officially reported as a bug again?

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Yes, it was reported a while ago, I don’t know why you started seeing it recently, maybe your app was just updated.
I haven’t received comments about when this will be solved, but I’ll add this comment to that report and let you know in case I get more info.


I tested it before and after updating the mobile app that night, but maybe something was stuck in cache when I checked after updating and it didn’t fully clear until I checked again the following day…

Have they confirmed that this is a bug and not a change they plan on keeping and eventually applying to the Android app?

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They confirmed it will be modified but there’s no ETA yet.


That’s good to hear. Thank you for confirming.


I tested this driver today, especially the LED status mode and individual LED control and have to say that it’s working perfectly, exactly like @krlaframboise DTH which I was using before.

Edit: Just realized the @krlaframboise is also the developper of this new EDGE version one… Good work Kevin!


This is awesome @JDRoberts! Thanks for letting us know, very eager to re-write my old Webcore pistons with the Rules API for these switches!!!

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@rodcmarr, I don’t find this to be the case. I am controlling all 7 LED rebBlinking when the door is open and then green when closed without turning the switch on

Be sure to set the mode to status mode to ‘Custom’

Then you can set each LED to a different color, independently

Ahhh… @rodcmarr, I misunderstood… I am using the Rule API to enable each LED without turning the switch on or off. I was trying to see where you ran into issues and tried an in-app Routine… that is where you must turn the light on or off to get to the KED settings

If you’re interested in trying the Rule API, I can help/ Share what i’ve written. I’ve had it running several weeks now without issue

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That’s a confirmed bug in the iOS app that they will be fixing at some point so users need to use the Android app to create a Routine that controls just the LED or use the Rules API instead of a routine.

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I confirm that is has been fixed in the iOS version of SmartThings release of yesterday (version 1.6.97) hourra !

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Is this driver eventually going to support HS-WS100 and HS-WD100 switches?

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Last information from Homeseer support was that those two models would not be included because they are no longer sold by Homeseer. However, I believe the community-created driver does have them.


While I am able to enroll for the new edge drivers, I am unable to re-add my device. Search nearby rarely works, and there is no listing for HomeSeer devices. Any ideas on how to add my device back?

Try these links