Relink offline device

One of my Homeseer switches went offline. Rather then setting up all of the automations again, is there a way to relink this switch through the smartthings app?

try installing the Homeseer Edge driver for your device and switching to that driver for the device in the ST app:

It was already running that driver, but now that it is offline I am not able to select drivers.

Have you tried cutting the power at the breaker? Any other z-wave devices offline? Which hub do you have?

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I haven’t. I pulled the power tab on the switch though no luck. It’s the smartthings v3. No other devices went offline

Is the only hope to delete relink and te set all my automations?

removing a device should not remove Routines. it should put a placeholder in the Routine that you can edit and put the device back in.

I would still suggest try power cycling the switch first and not the air gap… will it resolve it… who knows. so many devices falling offline for users that it is hard to check track of what is causing what.

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Would you be able to show a screenshot of your device? If it had a driver before, I’m just curious why you can’t change the driver or check it.