[RELEASE] HomeSeer Floodlight Sensor HS-FLS100-G2

This is a device handler for the HomeSeer Floodlight Sensor GEN2 (HS-FLS100-G2).

IMPORTANT: This handler does not support the GEN1 model.


  • Switch

  • Motion Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Illuminance Sensor

  • Supports all of the device’s configuration parameters





Device Handler Code

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Very nice! Did you get to attach this to a floodlight and see how responsive it was or how well it performed?

I only had it attached to my testing box, but the bulb attached to it would come on quickly when I’d entered the room.

The only issue I noticed was that when the off time is set to the minimum value of 8 seconds the light turns off as expected, but triggering motion shortly after doesn’t turn on the light back on even though the motion notification gets sent to the hub.

I’m thinking most people would have it set to 30 seconds or more anyways and it’s possible that issue doesn’t exist when it’s mounted outdoors…

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Appreciate the insight. Thanks, Kevin.