Devices drivers changed, what happened?!

Yesterday morning all my automations and switches were working as expected. Yesterday afternoon they stopped working. When I looked at my automations I saw that many of the settings were gone. Just gone. After a little digging I discovered that all my device drivers had been switched from the custom drivers I had installed (I have HomeSeer switches and need their driver to access most of the features), to the generic Z-Wave drivers. It looks like I could reinstall the custom drivers thru the IDE but this will be a fair amount of work and I don’t want to do it if they are just going to get switched back again. What is going on? How can Samsung just modify my whole house like this? I’ve been thinking about switching to the HomeSeer controller for a while, feels like it may finally be time if Samsung is going to pull crap like this!

IDE (Groovy) is dead. Here’s on of many topics related to this.

Damn. This really sucks. I see no way in the new interface to install your own device handler. Is this functionality just gone now? Is there any way to get it back? It was bad enough when Webcore went away, if I can’t install my own DH’s I’m done w/smartthings.

You should definitely not make any changes in IDE.

I tried but it’s not getting updated to the app on my phone. :frowning: This really stinks.

Argh. Just what I need … another task on my list! Can you recommend the best posts for learning how to use Edge?

The official Homeseer driver channel information is here.

  • sign up for the channel, using the link in the post above.
  • install the driver or drivers for the devices you have to your hub within that sign up process.
  • once installed, then go back to your ST app and on a device tile, use the 3 dot menu “Driver” option, then Change Driver. You should be given a list of drivers installed on your hub, which now includes the Homeseer drivers you installed earlier.
  • repeat changing for each device you need to.

Start with the community FAQ. It should have all the links you need. :sunglasses:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

There’s also a helpful tool that replaces the old IDE.

The tool above is a community developed tool that requires a token. ST has a new Advanced Web App that will probably be a better option in the long run.


True, but I find the Browser+ to be easier to use and more useful…

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Thanks all. As usual I can count on this community to quickly direct me to the information I need. Not really happy w/Samsung right now but this group f-ing rocks!!!


All my Homeseer switches converted from DTH to Edge last week, too. I had installed the drivers already, so except for some preferences on each device being set to default (dim rate, etc.), it went smooth. The only issue was the WD100 switches…I forgot to add a driver to my hub for them (the official Homeseer channel doesn’t have them for some reason)–so I had to recreate automations on the double/triple taps.