[ST EDGE] [RELEASE] Homeseer Devices, manufacturer-provided edge drivers

I enrolled in the official Homeseer driver. My issue isn’t the driver, it is re pairing the device- unless the driver is required for Homeseer to show up on the device list.

I’m addition to enrolling in the channel you need to install the needed driver from the channel.

The unofficial community channel might include more older devices than the official channel.

And with Z-Wave use need to exclude the device before you can re-pair it.

Under the bub drivers it says I’m registered for the HomeSeerer Edge Driver. Is there an additional step? Also, I’ve got a legacy HSFS-100, which appeared to be on the homeseer list. I think in either case Homeseer should show up on the list of device to connect, even if I have the wrong one sintalled?

I also think I excluded the device (the app said so, but it still seems to show up as offline).

This device has a history of being flakey so the symptoms also make it hard for me to know if I’m attempting the right approach.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The registration is for the channel you also need to install the driver. I would also install both drivers to see if will pick one



I’ve got both listed separately, but for Homeseer drivers it just says " Homseer edge driver", with a suffix of “Homseer edge drivers”

ok, this is now working with a new driver, but lots of issues with intermediate things not working right- but the Driver was not the issue- so here were the challenges (for others not forced down the path as I was today):

  1. Exclude reported complete in ST app, but actually not excluded (API, app and ISE noted this correctly).
  2. Trying to add this twice, new devices randomly added to different rooms, and different types of devices added.
  3. So I had to manually delete and start again, reported as nothing added.
  4. Search by name did not have “homeseer” available to add, but add nearby mode did work sort of.
  5. Instructions for device reset, not completely accurate, but ultimately solved the issues.
  6. Then the manual process to reconnect automation, move to the correct room, etc.

Is there a smart bulb mode? Which means not actually disconnecting the power but turning off the smaet bulbs.
The Amazon listing says that it has but I cant figure it out.

Also can the LED brightness be reduced. It’s too bright.

This is incredibly sad and feels narrow minded. These switches (HS-WS100 and HS-WD100) are not THAT old. I bought my last batch about a year ago…

The community driver seems very good, but not perfect, and official vendor support would probably build further trust into future compatibility.

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I know the instructions say to uninstall the driver before switching from legacy to edge. Is that needed? I have a few switches in hard to reach places and would have to rebuild lots of automations.

Legacy is gone so once the driver is installed the first time you should be all set.


Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the official Homeseer driver for the HSM200 device.
Is the temperature sensor supposed to provide readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit ?

@krlaframboise can the driver be edited to allow for a larger manual temperature offset range? When my device was using the previous DTH it provided accurate temperature readings.

Now with the official driver, the device is consistently displaying a -60 degrees Celcius or Fahrenheit temperature reading in the same room where I operate my fireplace. There is no way the room temperature is that low with my fireplace running and I am limited to manually changing the temperature beyond a -10 to 10 range.

Something is wrong.

Try deleting the device and re-pairing it close to your hub. Make sure the needed driver is installed on your hub prior to pairing.