Security/motion activated lights that work with SmartThing

I’m just looking for security/motion activated spotlight that works well with SmartThing. Not looking for a camera. Thanks

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You should have several choices, but we need to ask a couple of questions first.

  1. what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

  2. do you have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub? It’s fine if you don’t, but Again if you do, that will change the possible candidates.

  3. would you be OK with two devices: a sensor to catch motion, and a smart light to turn on when the sensor catches motion? Or do you really want an all in one?

  4. how bright does the light have to be? Specifically, are you looking for a floodlight to illuminate the yard or just a regular porch light? Or even pathway lights?

  5. will these be wired to Mains power? Most are, but some of the dimmer pathway lights can be solar powered or battery powered.

  6. Are you just looking for regular white lights or were you hoping for special effects like colors?

Once we know the answer to those questions, we can recommend some candidates. :sunglasses::bulb:


I live in the USA and have the Smartthings/Aeotec hub. I would prefer an all in one and one that will illuminate two sections of my back yard. I have installed outlets where I want them to go.
Thanks for responding.

1) Homeseer floodlight add-on sensor sensor. is kind of ugly but very practical. It’s a Z wave sensor that you add to a dumb floodlight, anything up to 300 W. It includes motion sensor, lux sensor, and temperature sensor. There is a manufacturer-provided edge driver now. So if you’re OK with the aesthetics, it’s one of the least expensive ways to solve this use case.

Edge driver:

[ST EDGE] [RELEASE] Homeseer Devices, manufacturer-provided edge drivers

2) Ring Smart Lighting floodlight (no camera)

Ring has some excellent smartlighting products that work with their ring bridge, based on the old Mr beams models. Lots of community members really like these. There’s no direct integration between smartthings and the non-Camera Models, but they do have a good integration with Alexa routines, so you can use that as an intermediary, with virtual switches as proxies for the ring lights. So it’s more work to set up, and as of now it’s still a cloud to cloud integration, but these are very nice lights and might be worth considering.

Hopefully, if there are other candidates, other people will post. Those are the two main options I can think of that fit your criteria.

Hue has a very nice elegant, outdoor floodlight, but you would have to have a separate motion sensor. And Arlo has a popular floodlight camera, but I know you said you didn’t want a camera.

We should also mention that if you can wait a few months, there may be more candidates once more companies roll out Matter-compatible devices. That would be a local integration with no custom code required, but we just don’t know what’s going to come on the market yet.


Thanks for your suggestions I might just wait a little bit more although I have been leaning towards the Ring smart lighting. Again thanks for your help.

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