[RELEASE] HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200

This is a device handler for the HomeSeer Multi-Sensor (HSM200).


  • Motion Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Illuminance Sensor

  • Switch: Turns LED on/off

  • Status LED Color: Changes LED (off, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, and white)

  • Supports the Color Control capability which allows you to change the LED color in Automations.





Device Handler Code

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  1. Can I use the HomeSeer Muntisensor HSM200 Device Handler and an HSM200 Device, as a Alarm Mode Status Monitor ?

Red - Armed (away)n - Vacation Mode
Yellow - Armed (stay) - Night Mode
Green - Disarmed - Home Mode

  1. Do I also need a SmartApp to go with it ?


Yes, in Automations you can use the Alarm Status as the “IF” and the device’s “Status LED Color” for “THEN”.

No, it’s fully functional with the built-in Automations app.

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Thanks !!


The HSM200 Device can today.

Took me 2 minutes to Pair it up with Smartthings, after I already add the Device Handled into my Smartthings IDE.

Work great. Just what I wanted.

Thanks for your help.


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