[OBSOLETE] Rboy enhanced zigbee keypad DTH

RBoy Apps is now a SmartThings partner for Centralite

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 01.06.02

  • Added support for the upcoming retail Centralite 3400-C Smart Keypad
  • Fixed an issue with exit delay not beeping for some keypads


This is compatible with Lock User Management (LUM), Rental Lock Automater (RLA), Lock and Door Synchronizer, SHM Delay 2.0, Smart Locks and other lock/keypad management apps.

This is an enhanced version of the 3400-X keypad. Key features of this keypad include:

  • Proximity sensor (new)
  • 4 digit user pins
  • 3 arming modes (stay, away and night)
  • Temperature sensor
  • 2xCR123 lithium batteries
  • Built in panic trigger by pressing the two arming buttons connected by the dotted line at the bottom of the keypad simultaneously
  • Adjust the key chime volume by pressing and holding 2 to decrease volume and 5 to increase volume

Usage, Inclusion, Exclusion and Reset instructions can be found on the first post of this topic

Real-time Updates With SmartLocks

TIP: While this device handler is compatible with SmartLocks, if you would like to see real time updates to the dashboard in Smart Locks (locking, unlock etc), change the name of the device handler in metadata section around line 71 from

name: “Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock”


name: “ZigBee Lock”

Save and Publish → viola, real time updates in SmartLocks