Display a relay as a lock?

I’m trying to find a way around a problem I have here. I have a fence into my backyard and I’d like to be able to secure it, but since I’m this far down the rabbit hole of home automation naturally I want it to have some sort of smart lock. But… there don’t seem to be any Z-Wave smart locks that are rated for the outdoors on both sides. So failing that I’m thinking I’ll just use a solenoid latch rated for outdoor use and a Zwave relay to run it. But I’d like to set the relay to show as a lock in smart things. Is there any way to do something like this? This closest I’ve come is the Rboys app that allows you to use a relay and a switch and simulated a garage door, which I love and use on my actual garage door.

You can use a Simulated Lock and a simple automation that when the relay is on, lock the simulated lock. Relay off, and it unlocks. Or vice versa.

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You would need a custom device handler for what you’re looking to do.

The other option is to use a Keypad Lock like one of these and use it to control your Relay. Keep the keypad and relay in sync using in this app: [RELEASE] Lock and Door Synchronizer, synchronize your locks with other locks, deadbolts, doors, switches/relays