Keypad integration to Yale Conexis L1 SmartLock integration?

Has anybody managed to integrate a Keypad to the Yale Conexis L1 SmartLock ?

There are no directly compatible Yale Keypads, but perhaps there are other 3rd party integrations via SmartThings ?

I have the Z-wave Model 2 interface on the Yale Conexis L1 and it’s integrated with SmartThings. Separately I also use the RBoy Rental Lock Automator that I use for Airbnb / Yale Y3 Connected Nightlatch that has its inbuilt keypad.

Many guidance greatly appreciated.

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Have you considered using a separate zwave or ZigBee keypad and then use this app to synchronize the keypad and the lock

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I don’t think the Yale Conexis L1 has Number Codes, but I may be wrong. If I use the RBoy suggested app, could it send an Unlock command to the Yale Conexis if it does not function with User Access Codes ?

Of course I know SmartThings can send unlock commends to it and I’m using the SmartThings app at the moment as my main means of unlocking it from outside.

Also, do you have any suggestions of any intelligent Z-wave keypads available in the UK that could hold the access codes ?

That’s one of the features of the above app, it allows you to sync a keypad with a lock so you can add an external keypad to a keypadless lock.

Zwave keypads the only option I’m aware of is the ring keypad. ZigBee keypads could be ordered from the us via eBay and it should work anywhere in the world. Here are two integration for keypads

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If using the Ring 1st or 2nd Gen z-wave keypad, does the Keypad need to be part of a Ring system either to set it up with SmartThings / RBoy app or need to be part of a system to operate as an independent standalone z-wave keypad with the RBoy app and Gale Conexis L1 lock ?

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No, it can only be part of one system at a time

So to clarify I don’t have to do a full Ring install just to use the Ring keypad with RBoy integration of the Conexis L1 ?