Bringing it up again: Garage doors and PIN management

To add to what JD said, you can check out this topic first post about ZigBee keypads which can be mounted outside your garage, they are pretty cheap to buy and easy to mount.

The keypads can be programmed easily using the built in SmartLocks app. Or if you have access to RBoy Apps, you can check out this app which synchronizes your keypads to you garage door in SmartThings, so when folks “unlock” the keypad it opens the garage and vice versa.

If you’re looking at AirBnB, check out this app, which can generate your codes automatically for your guests and also program your ZigBee keypads (manually or automatically). It can also program your locks and activate/deactivate other devices around the house like lights, HVAC’s etc when your folks check in and check out.