Meross Garage Door Opener with Iris Keypad?

Ok… I have installed a Meross garage door opener which is working great through it’s app and I have successfully added it to Smartthings. I also have an Iris Keypad which I used to use with a Yale Conexis door lock. I have stopped using the lock and was wondering if it would be possible to set up the keypad to open the garage door by putting in a code. I have access to Rboys app but not sure if there is a way. I have used the Lock User Manager smart app but the garage door option doesn’t recognise the Meross unit. Any help would be appreciated.

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The meross garage door uses a different capability which is why SmartThings doesn’t present it as an option. I’ve DM’d you a link to an upcoming BETA update to LUM which should allow SmartThings to present that option.

As for the keypad control, sure it can be done. Infact one of the popular apps to control garage doors using keypads is this app: [RELEASE] Lock and Door Synchronizer, synchronize your locks with other locks, deadbolts, doors, switches/relays