SmartTiles Dashboard v5.5: Added UK 🇬🇧, 5 × Dashboards, and more! Nov 6, 2015

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With great thanks to the dozen or so Beta Test volunteers over the past few weeks, @625alex and I (Terry) are pleased to announce the hot-off-the-press release of SmartTiles Version 5.5 (v5.5.1).

Installer, docs, FAQ, News with RSS feed, Donation Opportunity, direct Support email, and more:

Note: This is not the big Version 6 overhaul release… Lots of work still to be done on that. No dateline yet. No Beta invites. Nothing at all. No promises. No disappointments. Thanks.

Also: Please be alerted that this Version 5.x will have to expire some time after Version 6 is released. :bangbang: We will keep you posted (see the email list option on the install page) and hope we can offer plenty of migration time.

User Support Policy

Please see this linked post:

Brief Release Notes:

  • There is now a pre-installation form with 2 questions:
    (a) Optional no-spam private email list signup. Best way to stay in the loop.
    (b) Geo API Region (US/UK) selection.

  • UK (graph-eu01-euwest1 domain) users are now supported. Unfortunately we cannot automatically detect your region, so take a guess. If it fails, go back and try the other!

  • SmartTiles can now be installed in each of the Locations (hubs or hub-less) under your SmartThings Account. You need to completely repeat the web based installation process for each Location in the drop-down box of the authorization page. Like all SmartApps, each SmartTiles dashboard is currently limited to devices from one location only, though you can link from one dashboard URL to the other … and back.

  • The SmartApp is installed using the new parent/child functionality. You will be installing “SmartThings (Connect)”, which when you open to configure, gives you the ability to add/configure up to five (5) distinct dashboards (per Location on your SmartThings Account). You heard right: We’ve added multiple dashboard support. You now get up to 5 Dashboards for the price of, well, none, actually – SmartTiles V5 is still free / “donationware”!

  • :warning: Warning: If you uninstall SmartThings (Connect) (the parent SmartApp), all its children will be destroyed and uninstalled as well. You can uninstall individual SmartTiles children if you are on the configuration page for that child.

  • Unless you are on SmartThings Mobile App V1, the dashboard children will not show up in your list of installed SmartApps; only shown and edited via the (Connect) parent.

  • Existing SmartTiles Version 5.4.2 standalone “singleton” Dashboards will remain orphans and should retain your configuration (cross fingers!). The Version will automatically upgrade “in-place” to v5.5 next week. It will no longer be possible to install new instance(s) of this singleton; but for existing users, it’s your 6th “bonus” dashboard.

  • The main SmartTiles code (the preferences pages and the actual browser based dashboard) has various minor improvements which you can discover yourself … or watch this Topic for further information.

Nearly all the information on various other “old” SmartTiles Topics remains relevant. Please skim this and others…


Do those that have been beta testing need to update to the released version?

If you are running “SmartTiles (Connect)”, the parent-style SmartApp (see your list of installed SmartApps), then you should be updated already in place. Otherwise you can try installing anyway and see what overlaps.

We changed the icons a bit, to help distinguish different sets, orphans etc. I’ll paste pictures of them maybe :wink:

Everything has a version number in the Config / Preferences page.

Looks great! Still having an issue with the “routines” and “mode” button. When I tap them the menu disappears quickly. When I tap again it comes back. When I make a selection, the menu stays up on the screen. Any advice how to fix it? I am using the latest iOS and the problem happens on an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad mini. As soon as I tap the routines icon, the list of routines pops up for a split second and then disappears. If I tap the routines button again, the list stays on the screen but when I choose, let’s say “goodnight”, the menu of routines stays on the screen. The exact problem is duplicated with modes. I have a little mini android tablet and it does not have the same problem.

Sharing the issue here is a good start, as we can see who else experiences the same problem(s).

Could you do me a favor and edit your post to add details… What browser version, OS / device brand model; have you tested on another browser, etc.

Will do! It is now edited.

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bwahahahaha I just couldn’t help myself! :smiley:

I noticed in an earlier version, but didn’t ask about it. Is there a way to make the video feeds NOT have a label?

Thanks for the details… Drake!

Hey gang of SmartTiles fans…

Anybody else with latest iOS and iPad mini experiencing this? Any ideas? Unfortunately, I only have a very old iPad, not updated, but I’ll test on its Safari in a while to see what happens…

Thanks for the help! It’s a great product and am thrilled it is available.

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It’s definitely SmartTiles putting the label on it. It’s labeled MJPEG Stream 1. (I didn’t fill in a label on it) - of course filling in the label field does update with the specified label.

Ha ha ha. :unamused:
The irony is not lost on me, that’s for sure. The thing is, SmartTiles does not have access to your data. We never associate your email address with your Account or installation, nor do we track any authorization tokens, Location IDs or Device IDs.

SmartTiles runs entirely as a native SmartThings SmartApp (smart, smart, smart…). This means that only you (and SmartThings…) has access to your configuration data. This even makes diagnostics and debugging a challenge.

For Version 6, we’ve got ideas on how to securely store dashboard configuration information protected by a llogin password, and we hope will be better equipped to do or assist certain migrations when necessary. Migration from V5 to V6 … by the end of the year :imp: Nooooo!… just joking. Very very unlikely we can provide V5 to V6 migration. Just too complicated (frankly, more complicated than SmartThings Hub to Hub migration where all the data is in their cloud, fully, under their control).

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SmartTiles User Support Policy

SmartTiles is free software, even though not open source, and we appreciate cash donations as gratitude and encouragement. But there’s only 2 people on this project and we’re not full time. We want to SmartTiles to succeed and grow. We’re in super “lean” mode for now (though, hmph, I haven’t been to the gym in a few days :runner:); we can’t hire, and we can’t quit our day jobs.

So… user tech support and consideration of feature requests and even bug fixes are subject to our available time and priorities. I guess the term is “best efforts basis”.

For best results please follow this formula:

  1. :bug: Try to isolate your problem. If it’s due to a new device, video feed, etc., remove it and confirm. Try another browser. Test your video feed URL alone in it’s own browser window, etc… Note the version number and region code (US/UK) in the preferences / config of the SmartApp. Check out the Live Logging (US NA01, US NA02, or UK) output for clues and cut and paste to share. Log Level setting has been added under “Preferences” (defaults to “Error” only… the most detailed level is “Trace” which is what you should use upon request, or just “Debug” level perhaps for an intermittent error). If you know how to use Firebug or equivalent browser based debugger… that can be worth a try.

  2. :mag: Seek and ye shall find … maybe. There are thousands of posts on SmartTiles here on the Forum in several Topics. This is our unofficial Knowledge Base, and we’re thankful to SmartThings and the Community for letting us squat here. has some FAQ though.

  3. :family: The Community is your friend. Post your issue (and feature requests, etc.) here and it will get plenty of attention (including, yes, Alex and myself). The fans of SmartTiles here are helpful to each other, just as they are here each others’ SmartThings and smart home questions. We are super grateful of SmartThings for cultivating this family.

  4. :e-mail: Finally, please use our support contact email: (whitelist us) – not “Private Messaging”. This forum software’s PM feature is really difficult to track. There’s no way to mark messages unread, file them, etc. Yuck :scream:! Our email box, on the other hand, is private, shared between us, and we can keep it organized with folders and all that stuff. If we someday go fancy and add a help desk, feature and bug tracking system like Zendesk, they work via email tracking. One exception: If we want to take a public question or discussion offside and out of the Topic thread, we have no way to reach out to you but a PM.

  5. :bird: Twitter? Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr, … OK… now we’ve gone too far. I definitely encourage you to follow our Twitter: @SmartTiles and other social media, but these are for networking, general news, sharing #SmartHome discoveries, clever quips, “growth hacking” (i.e., marketing), etc. – not user support. And be sweet – always retweet!

Make sense? :sunglasses: Thanks!
Wishing you stable Dashboards and swift problem solving!
…Terry & Alex (@625alex).


I found this video stream URL from a doggy daycare :dog: :sunny:… I have no idea where it’s from, but that keeps me from going to kidnap some puppies…

This makes a great test feed for a Video Tile, perhaps!

More info on video camera issues in this Topic:

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There’s also a separate forum topic, very active, for discussion of SmartTiles theming and mounting possibilities.

If you are considering doing a wall mount (or even just putting it in an inexpensive magnet mount on the refrigerator) for the SmartTiles dashboard, definitely check out the topic. There a lot of great pictures and creative project ideas there. :sunglasses:


Apologies for asking again…
Alternatively is there a way to amend the Css that is being used and then copy it to custom Css?

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I feel like an idiot for asking this - but I can’t work it out. Once you create a dashboard… what is the URL?

I think there’s a dedicated SmartTiles thread (as I found one yesterday which led me to make my first SmartTiles home), but essentially once you’ve got SmartTiles connected - go into Smart Apps on your ST phone app, see “Smart Tiles (Connected)” and tap that. The Smart Tiles config page loads, and towards the bottom of that there’s an option to see and copy your URL.

It’s a massive long address, so I just copied it and emailed it to myself so I could pick it up on the laptop and create a short address.

Now I have to fix my old Nexus 7 and buy a dock for it so it can sit on the bookshelf and control the house :slight_smile:

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It’s nice to have Smarttiles running on my 65 4k oled. The LG smart remote works perfectly with it. Thank you for the fix guys.


This Topic is now the "dedicated"SmartTiles thread :wink:
The Version 5.4.2 thread should fade away, but some of the special topics like Video Stream and Mounting Hardware should continue.

Welcome! And thanks for helping out @AdamV!