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SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1068

It should already be there… in the distributed version, it is still probably called “Hello Home”?
Version 5.5 renames this to “Routines”.

Let me know if you can’t find the function, and I’ll look up some screenshots later.

(Stephen) #1069

When I tap the hello home button on my iPad mini, the menu pops up and then disappears very quickly. I have to hit the hello home button again to bring up the menu. Once I choose one and tap it the menu fails to disappear. Anyone else seeing this?

(MCT) #1070

Thank you for pointing that out! I thought that was just a single button that only ran a single event. I’ve seen the button, just didn’t know it did what I wanted. Thanks again!


Theme Lights… I see this as part of the configuration but can’t quite figure out what it means functionally. What are Theme Lights and how do they behave/are controlled by Smarttiles?


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1072

Please forgive my short answer… But I consider this feature no longer supported. Doesn’t do anything valuable, deprecated.

Probably ought to pull these out in a point release, but we’re focused on some critical improvements (spawning multiple dashboards, UK support, etc.).

(Alex) #1073

This feature was meant to allow you to mark certain lights and switches with a holiday icon. For all intents and purposes this feature is deprecated, but I can’t actually remove it due to backwards compatibility issue.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks! Was thinking it might be a Hue thing :wink:

(Dean Smith) #1077

Any way of moving tiles around? I haven’t figured that bit out yet and all the previous posts in seach talk about removing times rather than moving?

(Lind Lau) #1078

You can set order for tiles . select your dashboard > preferences > device order

(Dean Smith) #1079

Thank you! That fixed my problem!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1080

Extra! Extra! :newspaper:

Version 5.5 is Released.

Please continue Version 5.4.2 discussion in this thread … those installs will be updated automatically next week, and then we’ll lock this old 1000+ post Topic! :wink:

(fabrizio) #1081


I would like to have my two tablets (iPad and Android) to have a music tile available that would give me the chance to play music (both tablets can stream via BT to my home theatre). The music would be stored in the tablets themselves therefore I would need to “call” from Smartthings a web based player that would be able to play and browse music songs stored in the tablet. Would it be possible?



If it’s a Web based player then all you need to call is the URL from the tile.

(fabrizio) #1083

I don’t know If such a web player exists. I thought it should have been a web player but I was asking for suggestions.
I would like to play music from within Smarttiles

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1084

I use JRiver Media Center which has an http API for making web compatible players. Integration with SmartThings and/or SmartTiles is certainly possible, but takes some effort and can be a limited user base.

Perhaps some more popular media systems (VLC?) might garner enough support to sponsor that effort.

(fabrizio) #1085

thanks Terry
Ideally I would like Smarttiles to be the central hub for everything and the only missing piece is to manage the music.
I will have a look at Jriver.

(Lind Lau) #1086

would love to see other ideas

(fabrizio) #1087

Unfortunately at the moment I only have 1 iPad but I will get an android soon and will give it a try.
thanks for sharing

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1088

v5.4.2’s have been updated to v5.5.1:

The previous version (v5.4.2) web installed “singleton / legacy” instances of SmartTiles have been updated by publication “in-place” this evening, to Version 5.5.1, by @625alex.

Please see further details in the new main Topic for future SmartTiles discussions (except certain spin-offs like Video, Themes, Mounting, etc.):

@Ben or @slagle: Would you do us a favor, please, and lock this Topic from any further posts? Please keep it available as real-only; since most of the information remains relevant. Thank-you!!!

(Ben Edwards) #1089