SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7: Release March 2, 2016

Continuing the discussion from SmartTiles Dashboard v5.6.1: New features (SHM), Bug Fixes, Diagnostics - Dec 11, 2015:

SmartTiles v5.7.0 upgrade has been deployed.

###Rollout Status: In Progress (Wed 2016-03-02 1130h UTC)

  • Completed: all UK child dashboards – NOTE: Our “UK” test account is currently not available to us, so we’re running a little blind in the UK at the moment. Please report problems to:

  • Completed: all US child dashboards.

  • Completed: “[0] singleton” dashboards.

Updates are automatic – there is no need to uninstall or reinstall or reconfigure. But … If you wish to check your version number; see the top of the SmartApp Preferences / Configuration screen for each child.

Stay tuned to this Topic for more details…

And … for installation and more news, visit:

Brief Release Notes:

  • The SmartApp is installed with the new parent/child functionality. You install “SmartThings (Connect)”, which when you open to configure, gives you the ability to add/configure up to five (5) distinct dashboards (per Location on your SmartThings Account). You heard right: We’ve added multiple dashboard support. You now get up to 5 Dashboards for the price of, well, none, actually – SmartTiles V5 is still free / donationware.

  • :warning: Warning: If you uninstall SmartThings (Connect) (the parent SmartApp), all its children will be destroyed and uninstalled as well. You can uninstall individual SmartTiles children only if you are in the configuration page for that child dashboard!


  • Option to add unlimited “Blank Tiles” (aka: “spacer tiles” or “Tile Separators”) to your layout and arrange them among traditional tiles. These are invisible (and non-clickable) in the Dashboard but can be used for esthetic purposes. To delete any Blank Tiles, use the “Tile Arrangement” function. Further documentation on how to use this feature will follow, but give it a try and let us know what you think and questions you have.

  • Related to “Blank Tiles”, “Device Order” has been renamed to “Tile Arrangement”. You can access the Tile Arrangement page from inside the SmartApp configuration pages, or by temporarily replacing “/ui” in your full Dashboard URL with “/list”, as in:<your_SmartTiles_AppID_from_the_Dashboard_URL>/list ...

  • 24 hour clock format option (vs. 12 hour clock with AM/PM).

  • Static assets (some icons, javascript, css) moved to Firebase by Google (instead of GitHub) for improved performance and reliability. Access of this data is currently not tracked to individual dashboards.


  • All SmartThings schedule related methods removed. Refreshes are handled entirely through JavaScript to isolate SmartTiles from some types of bugs (update/uninstall) whose root cause was traced to scheduler.

  • URI for Stop Motion Video fixed so that “rand” parameter appendage should no longer throw syntax error from some particular video sources.

  • Switch, Light, Dimmer, Lock “toggle” endpoints replaced with with explicit “on/off” (“lock/unlock”) to slightly improve behavior consistency. State of a Tile should always imply what Command will be send to the Thing.

  • AJAX cache for Internet Explorer disabled.

@625alex and I are grateful for all your continued support! Please keep in mind our current "User Support Policy" as questions come up about this release. Seeing multiple reports here in the Forum will help identify any bugs we might not catch in advance:

For additional info; please reference the SmartTiles v5.6.x Topic & others.

Please use this new current Topic, however, for bug reports and questions and ongoing discussion until further notice.


Woot! Time to get excited!

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Prior notice? QA Testing? Release Notes ahead of time?

Definitely a user-created app.


There’s at least a spot and they say pending… That’s something.

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Soooooo weird @tgauchat i was goingn to PM you last week about blank tiles - great minds think alike :wink:

Also noticed someones efforts on a home map :wink: going to read up on that and what they did and do my own :wink:

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For the past few days, I noticed that when I go into SmartTiles and try to view the dashboard I get an error. “Unexpected error. You may be able to resolved this by opening the SmartApp Preferences for SmartTiles Dashboard named 'Doors and Batteries” and just pressing done or try making a small change first…

How do I resolve this?

I am currently running v5.7
Thanks in advance

Sorry for the problem… We’re not sure of all the possible causes, but the suggested solution usually works…

ie, go into the preferences / config for the SmartTiles (Connect) SmartApp inside the SmartThings mobile App, open the child SmartApp you labeled “Door and Batteries”, add or remove a Thing, Press Done, Done, …

And then refresh the browser window running the dashboard. Cross-fingers.

Already tried that, did it again just now and no luck.

My other SmartTile is working fine at moment

Guess I will try and delete and recreate


Darn. Any chance some of the Battery tiles have invalid values? Any special custom Device Types in your Things?

SmartTiles is fussy about the data coming back from some device Capabilities – we rely on Device Type Handlers to be up to spec.

At the bottom of the Preferences / Preferences settings page, there is a “Debugging Options” setting. You can change it to “Debug” (or even more detailed, “Trace”) and then go to the SmartThings API/IDE login in a separate computer browser (or incognito window), and view Live Logging. There may be some helpful output several lines before the error you can send us at:

Thanks Terry for reaching out

No custom device types or anything fancy, just basic switches and contact sensors, everything is working fine now that I deleted and started over

I will keep the live logging in mind if it happens again

Thanks, Rick

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We tried to remedy this ST bug with the 5.7 release. I hope this never happens again for any new installations. Fingers crossed.


Just want to say thanks to you guys! SmartTiles is my favourite thing about SmartThings.

I knew it was the right move to ST last week when a friend stayed over, i passed him the tablet while i went out and he was able to control the lights, heating and music easily. He loved it!

Great job!

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Is Weather still disabled on v5.7?
Just asking because when I select Weather (inside Things) it’s not showing my SmartWeather Station Tile device :blush:

Weather Tile is working fine for me. Definitely not disabled, though we did change the refresh related logic a bit.

If it’s not showing at all … well… I guess we’d start by checking that the Weather Device is fine inside the SmartThings App first? I know there have been some old versions floating around.

If you are trying to select a modified/custom version of the SmartWeather Station Tile, it won’t work. Only the stock weather tile is compatible with SmartTiles.

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Thanks @625alex, that is my case. I will go back to the stock weather tile and test again.

I tried SmartTiles a long time ago but I’ve been away for awhile. Is it at all possible to use a motion trigger to automatically “pull up” a full-screen camera tile in SmartTiles? Does the architecture of the web app even support that sort of action?

I want to use a camera that can act as a motion sensor in SmartThings, OR a motion sensor + camera combination, to automatically show a large image of the camera feed when motion is detected – e.g. when someone comes up to my front door, I want the dashboard to automatically switch to showing that feed, although I don’t need to see it front and center all the time.

If that’s feasible, I’d love to see such trigger events added to the SmartTiles app. “Load this dashboard when this thing happens, and automatically return to previous dashboard when this thing stops happening” sort of logic. Would be amazing if Rule Machine and SmartTiles could somehow be made to work together.

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I think this configuration might be possible using an Android device and putting SharpTools and Tasker on it.
SmartTiles won’t directly support that though as it’s just a webpage displaying data. It can be run on just about anything, so whatever device you are running it on would need to support such an action.

I’m not talking about motion by the tablet, I’m talking about motion from a SmartThings motion sensor. I know about Tasker. My use case is that I want SmartTiles to be able to pull up a camera feed when there is motion in the vicinity of that camera.

I don’t see why SmartTiles couldn’t support it; SmartTiles already gets event data in the form of switch and contact sensor status, motion sensor status, etc. The SmartThings API enables apps to subscribe to events from devices. SmartTiles could do that, and then would need a handler on the front end to, instead of simply changing a tile icon/color when a device state changes, react to that data in a different way (for example, “zooming” the camera tile up to full screen, or switching to another dashboard entirely). And of course all the options within the configuration app to enable a user to set those things up. Not super simple, sure, but I don’t see why it’s not possible.

Having the UI be able to react to events and reconfigure itself – or at least switch between dashboards as a starting point – would be incredible.

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I was also talking about motion from another sensor. SharpTools can connect into your ST environment and react based on ST events. It could send that to Tasker to open up your specific camera feed.

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