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IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)


(Simon Goldberger) #308

Smart tiles working great for me on first try… Thank you so very much.

Girlfriend is finally happy(ish)… Didn’t even complain when I reset ever Lightify bulb in the house twice… So I could firmware upgrade…

You sure are a hero… Donation on route


Multi user support and OAuth working at last. Now I can really start creating some useful routines/apps… .Am loving Smarttiles!

Just need IFTTT & SharpTools to work and I’ll be happy.


Can anyone confirm if logitech Harmony is now working with smartthings in the UK?

(Alex Lee) #311

Tried harmony pairing 2 days ago and get an error when trying to authenticate still.

(Tim Slagle) #312

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There is a dedicated SmartTiles UK thread where the developers will be glad to answer any of your specific questions. :sunglasses: (This is a clickable link)


(Lind Lau) #317

Now as smarttiles works, lest comeback to original issue. Still having problem with everything else. IFTTT , SharpTools, Pebble, Harmony etc. How is fix going? Does it require every partner to update, or global solution is coming?

(Brice; #318

Yes, it requires every partner to update. It’s a simple change, but it is a change.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #319

I think it’s only fair to note that there are two fixes: a relatively simple change that all SmartApps should be implementing but only affects officially published SmartApps (eg. IFTTT and Harmony) – and a workaround that community SmartApps can implement, but is using is an unsupported method which SmartThings said they plan to close off at the end of the year (eg. SmartTiles, SharpTools, SmartRules).


I think just anything can’t remember exactly what I changed


@625alex @tgauchat Many, many thanks for this. Thanks for all the hard work.

(Stephen Hill) #322

Have to say a massive thanks to @joshua_lyon and @tgauchat for updating their apps so quickly.

As Josh says though, it’s worth pointing out that these fixes use a way which SmartThings are planning to make obsolute by the end of the year, so as great as it is that we have a fix… it is only temporary.

SmartThings need to discuss a longer term fix with community developers. Any thoughts @Aaron?


I’m having this exact same issue. Could you be more precise on what you did to fix it?


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I understand those with UK accounts can now add the SmartThings channel to their IFTTT account. Can you actually create recipes that control SmartThings devices yet?

I have some online friends waiting on this. The simplest, if not the most elegant, way to add voice control to SmartThings is simply to send a voice text to IFTTT and have that trigger a SmartThings action. ( this is a method first identified by @Will_Poirier).

Generally it costs nothing as long as there is no cost to send a text, and it requires no additional devices. And a single text can be used to trigger multiple IFTTT recipes. So it is especially helpful for people with limited hand control as essentially anything that can be done in SmartThings can then be done by voice.

However, it does require IFTTT recipes that work. So are we there yet?
Thank you.

(The voice text message is rather clunky. “Hey, Siri, tell house hashtag kitchen underscore lights on”. No natural language. However, it’s a great deal better than not having it if nothing else is available. :sunglasses:

For those interested in more about voice command solutions with SmartThings, see the following topic. However, I believe all except the SmartWatch widgets will require that OAuth is working.

Voice Command Solution - Discussion )

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #326

Definitely tag @HughB for more details on his fix, but also jump over to the main SmartTiles Topic to seek further help…

(Stephen Hill) #327

As far as I’m aware IFTTTT hasn’t been updated yet with the fix - or at least it hasn’t for me.

(Tim Slagle) #328

(Lind Lau) #329

Can add channel to IFTTT but when try to use receipe there is no device to select
eg *** problem accessing your motion sensors! ****


Any Harmony update please? The lack of mention makes me believe there is a lack of co-operation (mentioned on IFTTT) and it will be 2016 before fixed