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SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7: Release March 2, 2016



Hey! how do I get those icons? Is that a weather map?

(Brian Diehl) #187

We have a thread dedicated to Customizing the dashboards.
Here’s a link over to where the weather maps and radars were discussed:

(Paul Lampasso) #188

Hello and Thank you for such a great SmartApp I plan to contribute as soon as I get all my dashboards functional. I manged to get one dashboard done and plan to do others for each room. I also want to have one central dashboard with tiles that go to all the others. I have version 5.7.0-NA02+006. The problem I am having is I created one dashboard and it says I have 1/5 installed but if I go to create a new one on 2,3,4,5 by pressing [>] nothing happens I get the spinning wheel for a second but never goes to next page to create new dashboard. I am using amazon fire tablets both 6" and 7" that I rooted. Can someone also tell me how to get smarttiles full screen. I tried Chrome, Chrome Beta and now on Firefox. I can scroll the browser window up to get rid of the url window but it comes back when it refreshes. Also I see others on here that have the menu buttons also not on the screen.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #189

Welcome to SmartTiles – the above is definitely not a good sign, but could be a temporary problem with the SmartThings platform. I’ll use my test account on NA02 and see what happens when I get a chance.

In this particular case, you might benefit from fully uninstalling “SmartTiles (Connect)” – note that this destroys all the child dashboards – and then re-installing from the website: . Usually best to avoid this drastic measure, but since you only have one dashboard, it might be worth the try, even though you will have to re-create that dashboard after the fresh installation.

To automatically get full screen, in most cases, try creating a “Desktop / Home Screen Shortcut” … it is called different things in different browsers.

For example, on Chrome PC…

On Android Chrome it is under the hamburger menu and called “Add to Home Screen”. (etc.).


Trying to create a second dashboard, but everytime i click on dashboard 2 -5 it shows the spinning wheel and then nothing happens. I have no issues when clicking my main board it goes to settings.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #191

We’ve had a couple reports like this but not sure what’s going on.

Can you please send me Live Logging output as well as details of what version of SmartThings App you are using.

Send to:

Some general hints on getting support…

(Chief Minnechuk) #192

Excellent release (5.7). I’ve been using it for a few days and have not encountered any bugs, hangs, or problems with any supported features. For me, Smarttiles is the feature that really makes Smartthings shine!
Features I would like to see:

  1. Assign Routine to tile. (I know there is a routines tile that has all routines, but I’d like to assign a single routine to a tile.
  2. Amcrest IP2M-841support (I know reason it doesn’t work is Amcrest’s weird URLs for snapshot and video streams that are specifically prohibited by IE. [KB834489] (

Great work guys.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #193

Thanks for the compliments, Chief!

“Routine Tiles” are a high item on our feature request list; but we appreciate the reminder of how valued this feature will be!

(Adam) #194

This link: seems to indicate that I should be able to require a login instead of granting it automatically via token.

However, when I browse to (and without ui?)

I get

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Full authentication is required to access this resource

Any ideas?

(Brian Diehl) #195

I can replicate this.

@tgauchat and @625alex did this get changed recently?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #196

It seems SmartThings changed something.


  1. logging into:
  2. Then going to your dashboard URL stopping with /ui

The first step should establish a session that will be valid for the second step.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #197

We didn’t change anything related to this, but SmartThings makes a lot of unannounced platform modifications.

(Brian Diehl) #198

That did work for me going to the IDE first and then opening the Dashboard over it.

Oh, I wasn’t asking if YOU guys changed it… just if it got changed. I know ST makes plenty of changes (good and bad) without passing along that info.

(Adam) #199

works for me as well, but I am guessing this method loses the token rather quickly?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #200

Not sure what you mean by “loses the token”?

You only need to use the login method if you don’t use an Access Token in the URL. As for the session expiration time, I am unaware of it, and also don’t know if it has changed as well from when users could get a login prompt directly with the full dashboard URL.

We’ll be following up with @slagle and @jody.albritton, but might not have an ideal solution until SmartTiles V6 which has a much cleaner authentication mechanism.

(David) #201

Chief, what is the problem that you are having with the Amcrest? Is it an IE specific issue? Just curious as I have snapshots and video streams working for the Amcrest on Chrome.

(Kevin) #202

Ditto…this would be a fantastic feature add!!

(Chief Minnechuk) #203

Thanks for your interest Belgarion…
On the topic of “snapshots” from this camera…
My Amcrest IP2M-841 (Software Version 2.420.AC00.11.R, build : 2016-01-06) uses a URL in the following format to deliver a JPG snapshot “http://username:password@”. If I plug in the correct user credentials and paste the URL into Chrome, I get a jpg image in the same resolution as the “Main Stream” of the camera. That works fine. However, if I put the same URL into Internet Explorer 11 (Version 11.0.9600.18282) I get an error from the browser. This is because the format of the URL is no longer supported by IE. Its removal is documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB834489. MS views that URL format as a security risk. Similarly, If I give the Smarttiles app the same URL, I get a blank tile. The root problem seems to be that the Amcrest camera supports only an “old” URL format that Chrome allows, but IE rejects. Smarttiles also seems to reject the old URL format. If Amcrest supported the more secure URL recommended by Microsoft, their Camera would likely work with Smarttiles.

Here is a link to a discussion in the Amcrest forums from another guy having a similar problem: Roku doesn’t like the URL format required by Amcrest either. On 2/23/2016 he makes the following request:

“Unfortunately the Roku blocks that format (much like Internet Explorer does). As a result, I can’t do any testing or use my Amcrest in the way I was intending. The Foscam’s allow for a usr=username&pwd=password on the query string. Is there any chance you can add this functionality?”

Amcrest support does not reply…

(Chief Minnechuk) #204

There is a similar issues with video streams from the Amcrest Camera i.e. The URL required by Amcrest is no longer supported by other devices and is viewed as unsecure

(Chief Minnechuk) #205

Note that my camera’s IP address ( is unique to my installation. If you are experimenting with this feature, use the correct address of your camera.