Smart Life integration (July 2020)

That’s when I switch to HA

You can control the SmartLife scene with native ST automations. You do not need WebCore.
You only need to wake the SL scenes up once and they will continue to work even if they show offline.
You can wake up the SL scenes using the ST web portal or WebCore.

Agreed. Automations will work, I just happen to use webcore.

One interesting Ive noticed is that if I click the icon of the “device” that shows offline in ST, it won’t work. However, if I click the home icon and then all devices, in that list I can power on the scene and it reconnects. just wanted to share.

Hey! I’m new here but wanted to ask if anyone has been able to figure this out. When I turn on my SMARTLIFE Wifi Dimmer manually it of course will show ON in both SMARTLIFE and Google Home – How can I get Smarthings to recognize this has happened as well? I’m using the simple TAPtoRUN automations to get the switches to work but any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

I tried everything except this and it didn’t work

When i tried this solution i got below error

((# Access Denied

We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation))

I searched for a solution for it and tried many things including other browsers and incognito mode nothing worked

Anyone can help me?


Here is the long version.

Pair each device with the SmartLife or Tuya apps.

In the SmartLife or Tuya apps create separate ON and OFF “tap-to-run” automations (scenes) for each device you want to use in SmartThings.

In SmartThings run the Tuya integration under add a device by brand. Do NOT use the SmartLife integration. (The difference between the SmartLife and Tuya integrations is that the Tuya integration doesn’t end with an error message. And when you look on linked services the imported scenes are listed under Tuya, unlike SmartLife which is blank.

When you go back to the devices tab in SmartThings you will find ON and OFF switches for each device possibly under No Room Assigned.

They will say they are off line. You can wake them up by turning them on and off in the to mobile app or the ST web portal, You only need to do this once for each imported switch.

Create a virtual switch in SmartThings using the Edge Driver “vEdge Creator”, API Browser+, or SmartThings Labs.

Using SmartThings automations create 2 automations. One will say toggle the “ON” scene when the virtual switch is turned “ON”. The second will say toggle the "OFF” scene when the virtual switch is turned “OFF”.

I have been using for several year with no issues.

FYI: If you open each device in the SmartLife/Tuya app and hit the edit icon (pencil) it will list the “3rd party controls” that are available for that device.

I have a number of SmartLife devices. Most list Alexa and Google controls. Only a few list Smartthings or IFTTT.

Any SmartLife/Tuya automations or scenes you create get integrated with SmartThings.

Updated on 5-12-2023 to be consistent with the new ST platform.


Great post! :sunglasses:

Just one small note:

As of this writing, The virtual switch creator from SmartThings Labs is not yet available on iOS. :disappointed_relieved:

AWESOME! These instructions are perfect. I would just add, to wake them up in ST web portal, find the device, and toggle switch to ON. Then check your phone and they will be live.

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Odd issue I am seeing… TAP TO Run scenes that were previously running on Alexa have now been replaced with smartthings scenes of the same name. Is there any way to prevent smartthings from overriding the smartlife scenes in Alexa? Of note they are not duplicates scenes but rather appear to have overiden.

Open the smartthings scenes you don’t want in Alexa and disable them

Unfortunately doing that does not result in the smart life scene returning within Alexa. Disabling just leaves me with a disabled smartthings scene and no smartlife Scene. If I delete the device from smartthings that does result in the smartlife Scene returning to Alexa, but it is eventually replaced and overiden again when smartthings adds the smart life device back, which it does periodically on its own.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

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Have tried unlinking and relinking the SmartLife skill in Alexa?

Yes, the problem replicates itself again unfortunately.

I am out of good ideas.

If you are stuck using the ST version of these scenes, you may need to “wake then up” once so that they work. You can do that by going to the web application and toggling each scene several times to wake them up. You should only need to do this once.

Thanks yes they were awoken. What I am seeing now is that the smartthings scenes from smartlife have states (on/off) which is problematic because the original smart life scenes are stateless. Because of the state, alexa triggers only work if the state is set back to off again after the previous use. Simple enough to fix with a routine, except that turning the scene off again after use results in a second trigger of said scene. Basically it seems like no one thought this through or tested it. Frustrating

Just the mere suggestion to integrate smart life into smart things using the tuya connection fixed every problem I had. Automation is now flawless. Lights are more responsive. Nothing has had to be factory rest. Smart life automations failed totally all the time. Even tuya automation failed from time to time. You have suggested a miracle and I owe you my first born child. Seriously, the highest kudos possible to you.


For those of you using the work arounds mentioned above with your Tuya/SmartLife integrations the main problem was that it was a 1 way integration. ST had no problem controlling the Tuya/SmartLife devices. But if you operated the physical switch or control the device used the Tuya/SmartLife App the SmartThings App was not updated.

Now there is a workaround for that problem. Earlier today @Automated_House posted that Google integrations have been expanded so that a fan, light, plug or switch can trigger Google routines.

Now you can write 2 Google routines for each Tuya/SmartLife device to keep SmartThings in sync with Tuya/SmartLife:

  1. If the Tuya switch turns on then turn on the virtual ST switch.

  2. If the Tuya switch turns off then turn off the virtual ST switch.


@Paul_Oliver I’ve tried it and it’s working flawlessly. Thank you :blush:


I had it working good at first. Then a few days later I had problems. I have not tried it for a few days, so hopefully it is working again.

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Can anyone using Smart Life/Tuya integration with a Smart IR Blaster let me know what brand they’ve successfully used that is available for purchase today in the USA (e.g. Amazon).

I’ve tried two devices unsuccessfully.

MoesGo - IR devices don’t even show up in the linked service
eMylo - IR devices show as offline; Alexa cannot even control the IR device, but it works from the App (edited: suddenly started working after unplugging for a few minutes – not a confidence builder)

The one device that I have had success with was a brand Uniplay, but it is no longer available for purchase.