Support for Maxcio curtain smart switch

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newbie type of question: Is there a way to get Maxcio curtain smart switch supported in SmartThings ?
Yeah, I know, vendor should have taken care about it etc, but here is the deal, vendor did not.
Smart switch is supported by Smart Life and Tuya, as well as their own app. Where should I start to make custom device handler for it ?

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You can try the following for SmartLife devices that do not have Smartthings integration:

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Thanks for the advice Paul, but that’s not ST support for the device. I was thinking about custom DTH to allow direct connect/management from SmartThings

Is this a WiFi or ZigBee device?

The proper DTH would work for a ZigBee device, but not a WiFi device.

And keep in mind that DTHs will stop working in the not to distant future when the ST Groovy cloud is shutdown.

DTHs are being replaced by Edge Drivers that work locally on your ST hub if you have one.

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Thanks Paul.
So for WiFi devices there is no hope - either it’s “built in” or it won’t work, as I understand.
For Zigbee I have another question, but let me start another thread for it

The work around that I posted a few days ago should provide partial integration for Tuya WiFi devices.

An I suspect it would work for ZigBee devices paired to a Tuya hub, but that is only a guess since I don’t have a Tuya hub.