Just crawled into bed and it is freezing.... how do I change that?

If you pair your electric blanket with either the Tuya or SmartLife app instead of the Sunbeam app the scene (tap and run) work around should give you partial 1 way control in ST.

You would need to create a scene in Tuya for each temperature level you want, and would also need 1 for off.

Smartthings can send on/off commands to Tuya, but Tuya sends nothing back to Smartthings.

Electric blankets are listed under small home appliances in both the Tuya and SmartLife apps.

I use this workaround for many things including a Honeywell dehumidifier. Instead of using the Honeywell app I paired it with the SmartLife app. Then I have ST routines that incorporate humidity sensors, door contacts, temperature sensors, and thermostat modes.

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