Just crawled into bed and it is freezing.... how do I change that?

Dear jgirvine,

Did you need to buy a new blanket?
Did you use any of the suggestions listed here?
What was your outcome?

No, have never found anything I was comfortable doing. My current blanket does not come back on if the power goes off. Looking at the link to the blanket posted that does I was very uncomfortable with the reviews and safety… still thinking and looking…

I purchased the blanket on the amazon review and a Zooz smart plug. I have it turn on at bedtime if I’m home. I make my bed each morning, so it should be flat.

Do you happen to have the name of the product that you bought? The Amazon link no longer works and I am dying to find something that I can set up an Alexa routine with to just turn on my electric blanket when I want it to be ready for bed.

Biddeford Blankets Polyester Electric Heated Mattress Pad with Analog Controller, Queen, White

Most of the older models that could be made to turn on just with a smart plug have now been withdrawn for all of the safety reasons listed above.The reason that they worked with a smart plug is that they would return to their “on” status after a power cut/restore, and that has a lot of potential dangers.

However, because people really really want to be able to add these devices to Alexa, there are now some made with built-in Alexa integration that have additional safety features.

  1. Sunbeam makes a WiFi heated electric blanket, but it can be hard to find online

However, Walmart often seems to have the blanket available in store, although not always for shipping:

I’ve been told that some Costco’s carry it, but I’ve never seen it there.

  1. And Sunbeam also makes a WiFi controlled heated mattress pad:
  1. Beurer makes one for the UK:
  1. Eddie Bauer has one, but the Alexa integration may be limited: https://www.amazon.com/Eddie-Bauer-Collection-Electric-Alexa-Enabled/dp/B088KWRYLK?th=1

a friend of mine has this and says that you have to push a button manually and after that you can change the heat settings with Alexa. So probably not what you’re looking for. Some of the reviews say you can turn it on from the app as well, so I’m just not sure what the exact process is for this one. Anyway, it looks like it might be better to choose one of the others above, but I’ll leave this here because it will turn up in searches of Alexa controlled electric blankets.

  1. And of course if you’re willing to spend about $2000, the eight sleep mattress cover is still available with all kinds of Smart bed features, including heating and cooling and Alexa integration.


Not saying most people will want that one, but some people will. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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Amaaaaaaazingly helpful. THANK YOU! I found the Sunbeam in stock at my local Walmart for pickup tomorrow!

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Let us know how it works! :sunglasses:

Update on the Sunbeam WiFi mattress pad…

Apparently this is a new product, which is why nobody has it in stock yet.

Amazon is accepting orders for it, but giving a delivery date of “by October 28,” for the queen size and December 20 for the king size, which they say is because they are just starting to get the product into their warehouse. They will update that date once they have a better sense of when they will get inventory. But they are expecting to get it.

update: looks like they’ve gotten them into their warehouses, they are now on a regular Amazon delivery schedule.

At $380 a month average in the UK and its not even winter yet, electric blankets are being replaced for piles of normal blankets, can’t afford luxuries any more like leccy blankets

Understood. Our house runs on solar with a storage battery, heated electric mattress pads will save us money vs the gas that runs the furnace. :sunglasses::sun_with_face:

Update on my search for a heated blanket that I can control with Alexa: thanks to the wonderful folks on this feed I purchased the Sunbeam® LoftTec™ Wi-Fi Connected Heated Blanket and was able to pick it up at my local Walmart with no problem.

I absolutely love it, it’s pricey but at over 5,000 feet in elevation so I’m going to use it part of the fall and all winter and part of the spring so it’s totally worth it.

Now it’s not that friendly with a smart plug (at least the one that I have), but since Sunbeam has its own app to control the blanket, you can actually set it up on a schedule automatically, I don’t need to control it with the Alexa at all. I literally have it set to preheat for a couple of hours before I get to bed so it’s hot as hell, and then I lower the temperature gradually as the night goes on until it’s on a low setting and eventually turns off before I wake. I’ve been adjusting the settings if I find that I get too hot during the night. I love this thing.

And FYI, it gets super super warm and heats very evenly.

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Thanks for the report!

We ordered one of the mattress pads which is now due to arrive late next week. I hope our experience will be as good as yours! Some SmartThings integration should be possible using Alexa as an intermediary, but I’m not sure what features are exposed. We’ll likely use ours on a schedule as well, but with Alexa control if I’m going to bed early. :sleeping:

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I hope you love it! I honestly just have problems with my smart plugs not registering or syncing to my Wi-Fi sometimes and that’s probably the issue so I’m going to guess that you will be fine but let us know how it goes.

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I won’t be using a smart plug in combination with this, so that won’t be an issue.

Because it is possible to create a virtual Sensor in smartthings and turn it on and off like a switch, you can use that to trigger an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine), so you can get some integration that way with any device that works with Alexa.

But I think it’s likely that at our house we will just use it either with Alexa or with the mattress pad’s own app as you are doing with the blanket. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


We’ve now had the Sunbeam WiFi queen size mattress pad for a month. It works well. We use it with Alexa and Alexa routines, as well as its own app.

The only integration issue is that the queen size has two zones, which you can control independently with its own app or the physical control, but the Alexa integration changes both together. That’s fine for us, but other people might care.

The safety features are interesting. You can indeed turn it on from the app, but if you set it to hotter than level 4 (of 10) it then gives you 60 minutes to confirm the setting by pressing a button on the physical controller. That works fine if you’re just preheating the bed, but it’s just something to be aware of.

As of this writing, it is now widely available, including at Amazon. :sunglasses:


We got the mattress pad instead of the blanket so it would stay flat all the time. Both the dog and I find it comfortable, I don’t know if other people would notice the wires.

Like many heated mattress pads, the control attaches to the pad at the foot of the bed and then there is a long cord which is intended to run under the bed (not touching the mattress) all the way up to the head of the bed and plug in near there. Then there is a relatively short cord that brings the physical controller up onto the bed. What all this means is that if you plug it into the wall near the foot of the bed, the physical controller won’t reach very far. Of course if you’re controlling it by app and voice that may not matter. :sleeping:

I was influenced by JD and bought the sunbeam heated mattress pad. So far I too am quite pleased with it. I think it has a good balance between connected usefulness and safety. I added it to my Goodnight Alexa routine to get things preheated before I climb in bed.

It actually adds a 3 devices to Alexa: a main component that controls both, side A and Side B. I like this approach.

Unsurprisingly, it looks like the backend is hosted by Tuya. I was optimistic I could use the Tuya SmartThjnga integration to bring it into SmartThings. While the login works, nothing comes over :slightly_frowning_face:

It actually adds a 3 devices to Alexa: a main component that controls both, side A and Side B. I like this approach.

Interesting! I just checked, and I have those as well, but they are definitely new devices from the first time because I have a screenshot of the device list when I added it and those weren’t there. I like that approach also.

For the Tuya integration, have you tried @Paul_Oliver ’s trick of creating a scene on the tuya app side and then seeing if the scene shows up in smartthings?

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If you pair your electric blanket with either the Tuya or SmartLife app instead of the Sunbeam app the scene (tap and run) work around should give you partial 1 way control in ST.

You would need to create a scene in Tuya for each temperature level you want, and would also need 1 for off.

Smartthings can send on/off commands to Tuya, but Tuya sends nothing back to Smartthings.

Electric blankets are listed under small home appliances in both the Tuya and SmartLife apps.

I use this workaround for many things including a Honeywell dehumidifier. Instead of using the Honeywell app I paired it with the SmartLife app. Then I have ST routines that incorporate humidity sensors, door contacts, temperature sensors, and thermostat modes.

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Another option for those looking:
Biddeford Analog Electric Mattress Pad

I’ve had this for 2 years on a smart plug, and it works well. The actual pad material is a bit thick and doesn’t always lay flat, but doesn’t bother me or my wife. The heat is really nice, especially getting into an already-warm bed! However one side of it just went bad, so I’m looking for a replacement. Not having found any great new alternatives I’ll probably just order another one.

Edit: Just bought this to try something new. It states that it is compatible with timers and smart plugs. We’ll see how it goes.

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You might try eHarmony. I hear they have great body warmers available.