Tuya Cloud API

Has any one manage to control their Tuya devices trough the Tuya Cloud API without having a server in the middle to forward the API requests?

Like this example:

I have manage to to successfully send API commands to my Calex Wifi Bulb using Postman.
I know very little about about Groovy or Java coding so I wonder if its possible to do the same within Smartthings/webcore.

I wonder if you made any progress at all with this?

I’ve just picked up a set of Calex GU10s and I’m looking to integrate via smartthings or http. You mentioned you were able to use postman to make the calex bulbs work, can you elaborate on how you did this?



there are examples of the local http request in Edge . Pretty easy if you know what to do

You can use the following method to get partial integration of Tuya/SmartLife bulbs, plugs and switches: