Smart Life integration (July 2020)

I have 2 different Tuya IR Blasters that I purchased really cheap on AliExpress. Don’t know the brands.

Pre-made devices such as TVs and Set-Top boxes integrate into ST. Custom devices such as LED strips and LED bars do NOT integrate into ST.

Step-Top boxes only have on/off in ST.

TVs have on/off, volume up/down/mute, and Channel up/down in ST.

You can use Tuya Tap to Run automations (scenes) to get limited control of LED strips and bars in ST.

Like Paul, I have some Tuya Wifi IR blasters, which are the black round not so flat ones. I use them to control mini split indoor units. They work with the Smart Life integration into Smartthings, only thing missing on controls is the change mode (heat, cool, fan). But the tap to run scenes will show up in Smartthings to do the mode changes.

I think I remember having some issue where I needed to setup the Smartthings integration on the Smart Life app, and also the Smart Life integration with Smartthings.

Hope that helps.

edit: maybe also scan for new devices afterward, I think I remember something like that, too.

Thanks for this! The only problem I still have is Google Home is picking up the virtual switches and the original devices and triggering them multiple times. I cant find a way to either ignore devices or prevent this happening on either the ST or Google end.

As a temp workaround I’ve renamed the device routines so ST/GH dont know they’re lights, but a ‘hey Google, turn everything off’ will switch some off things on and toggle the plugs two or more times :smile:

Any idea how to overcome this? Cheers!

I try to give the virtual switch in ST a unique name, so that Alexa and/or GH knows what I am taking about.

In both ST & GH I set up rooms called Tuya and stash all the extra Tuya devices in those rooms.