Smart Life integration (July 2020)

Genius. This worked for me! Danke

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Hi. I found a way with a colour changing light bulb. However it’s a bit of an unusual work around, and not all brands work. The one I have shows up in Smartthings as a device. When I change it’s state in Smart life, this is reported to ST. It also reports the colour temperature and brightness changes. So the idea is to use the bulb as a bridge. When something happens in SL it triggers an automation that sets the blub to a set brightness / colour temp. This gets reported to ST and triggers its own automation. So with the combination of colour temp and brightness you can get a lot of triggers from one bulb.
It’s not ideal but it works, and faster than ITTT.
As others have said, add a virtual switch in ST to trigger an Alexa routine.
Good luck finding a bulb though. I’ll try to find the link of the bulb I used. I think it was from Alli express.

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Smartthings needs to fix this. I understand that their focus on Z-wave and Zigbee devices but Wifi/Tula switches are becoming VERY common and are becoming the majority.

Home Assistant instantly pairs to these devices and KNOWS their status and you can use them to trigger other events.

Alexa KNOWS their status, controls them and will they instantly connect.

Google Home KNOWS their status, controls them and they instantly connect.

Smartthings DOES NOT KNOW their status, and it takes hoops to jump through to get them to connect.

The virtual switch patch is a failure. Smartthings needs to fix this.

As of 2020, SmartThings published their API. It is now up to the device manufacturers to create and maintain their own integrations. So whatever features you would like to see need to be requested from the manufacturer of the device. Or in this case, of the app used to set up the device, Smart Life. They own the integration now.

By the way, this is the same way it works with Alexa and with Google Home. Amazon doesn’t create the integration, the device manufacturer does using the published API from Amazon.

So the manufacturer needs to hear from their customers that the smartthings integration is important to them.


Got it… so we are in holding pattern with these switches, bulbs and LEDs. There is no “meaningful” integration with smartthings. Disappointing.

Interesting that Tuya/global/smart life prioritized Home Assistant integration over Smartthings.

What I would like to see is these devices all create a tiles in Smartthings where Smarthings knows the status of the device, like all of my Z-wave devices and Zigbee sensors/buttons.
And where I can use that status to trigger other events or use them in scenes or what have you.

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Is the HA integration written by Tuya or by some third party developer using a public or private API? I would guess the later.

Probably, but that was my somewhat my point…

Edit, just checked… The Tuya HA plug in seems to have been built by the HA development team. Not by Tuya or a third party.

Sometimes Samsung can say… If you want to integrate that is on the vendor… Sometimes Samsung should step up and write/fix the code. These Tuya devices are becoming very common and are rebranded all over the place, Globe, Gosund, Smart Life, (others ) and of course Tuya.

In the past, Samsung used to have all kinds of coders writing code for them for free. Seems that all of that effort has left the platform and moved over to HA… Sad…

I love my SmartThings Hub, I love how easy it was to connect to Ikea Zigbee Blinds, Z-wave switches (various brands), Thermostats (Radio Thermostat), and GE plugs. The experience is easy, slick and just works.

Everyone is now pointing to WiFI local and cloud based devices as the future of Home Automation and Samsung makes the integration a multi-step process… that once completed, fails to poll the device’s status…

Does anyone know if the fison67/TY-Connector on Github poll the device status and updates the “virtual switch” tiles on Smarthings? WIth that connector can I use the switch on the wall to trigger an automation within Smartrhing?

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Did this ever eventuate? I still am unable to get any of my Mirabella Genio devices to show up within SmartThings.

Or are they only offering support adding them through the Tuya Smart App instead of the Genio App?

I don’t know if there’s been any progress. I haven’t seen any announcements.

I have one bulb (out of about 10) that doesn’t show the Smartthings support. Mirabella asked for the bulb details so they could look into it. They haven’t got back to me as yet.

It might be worth you contacting them about your bulbs.

Thanks jezaaaa,

I will reach out to them. I do not seem to have any so far that show the SmartThings support within the Genio app. I moved a few of the new GU10 colour bulbs over into the Tuya Smart app but they don’t show it either.

Have just tried 3 different Genio outlets, via the TuyaSmart app.

  1. The curvy one w/usb on side #1002431
  2. Smaller single outlet w/power #1002931
  3. Dbl outlet w/2usb on top # 1002932
    Only the original #1 above stated ST compatability and only it transfer across to ST.

I also tried a bulb but after 2 failed attempts to pair it would not even start flashing with the On/Off/On/Off/On reset. How do I reset it?

@Geoffs I had problems pairing any of these smart wifi devices for the last couple of years. It would actually work better using an old tablet I have, than on my shiny new phone. Tuya tech support was not able to help.

Recently I got a new phone (Google Pixel 5) and when I had the same pairing problem, I thought I’d look into it a bit more. After all, my tablet wouldn’t last forever. In the end, I turned off 5GHz on my wifi router, and it all worked pretty smoothly ever since.

It’s as if these devices use discovery packets that aren’t bridged between 2.4GHz and 5GHz on my router. YMMV. If the router doesn’t pass 2.4GHz discovery packets to the 5GHz band, then my phone doesn’t see them and the app gives up.

Anyhow, perhaps give that a try.

I’ve used the TuyaSmart app in the past, and it was much the same, except I seem to recall it had fewer devices or device types listed. So I’ve used SmartLife ever since.

Note that the part numbers start with “I” as in “Indigo”, not the digit “1”.

I have the curvy+usb plug I002341 (not 1002431, perhaps one of us has a typo?) and have paired it OK with the SmartLife app. I have another outlet with 2xUSB, I002899.

Try turning the bulb off for a minute, then on for a minute, then re-try the off/on/off/on/off/on sequence, making sure it’s not too fast or too slow (1 second at each setting). Note that the bulb needs to be on, then you start the sequence with “off”. It doesn’t seem to hurt to add an extra off/on if you’re not sure.

If would be helpful for others if you updated the TTAS page for Tuya, even (or especially) the ones that didn’t list SmartThings support, so others like me can avoid them: SmartLife (Tuya) Compatible Devices - Things That Are Smart Wiki

  1. Hide the automations created in SmartLife from ST; and

How would I hide the automations?

It seems to sync at around 11:30 pm everyday and the devices go offline. Seems like I do need to hide the automation.

There is no way to hide the SL automations from ST. The will come over on their own sometimes or at the next time you add a Tuya device.
I have a room in ST called Tuya where I stick all the SL automations that come over.

Something interesting I noticed whilst implementing Max_Meleffes advice was that if I added the device from my iPad then the devices appear online but when I tried from my Android phone it came across as offline. Maybe more of a coincidence thing. Anyway I’m using Smart Life tap to run automations controlled by Virtual Switches in Smartthings and it works better (i.e. faster but not ZigBee fast or even Tuya app fast) than my previous Alexa man in the middle technique.

Sadly out of all my Tuya devices only one came through natively into Smartthings - Jinvoo smart plug.

The following didn’t come through natively and don’t show Smartthings support in Smart Life:

Kogan GU10 RGBW bulbs
Arlec Grid Connect bulbs
Arlec Grid Connect smart plugs
Arlec Grid Connect panel wall heater
Jinvoo LED strip RGBW wifi controller
Lenovo RGBW bulb
Lenovo smart plug

I have a theory but can’t be bothered testing at the moment. If I delete a device from Smart Life and pair it again from scratch I have a hunch it might get displayed natively in Smartthings. Might try at some point but will probably just invest in more ZigBee stuff like the IKEA bulbs as they’re cheap and readily available and minimal lag.

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You can try to add those devices to SmartThings as Tuya, not as Smart Life integration. There are reportings that some devices appears through one, but not through other integration.

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Unfortunately no difference for me

This is how I solved the offline problem. I only have scenes showing from tuya, FYI. They are triggered through various pistons in webcore to turn on. I made a separate webcore piston with all of my tuya scenes that says if any of them turn on, wait 2 seconds and then turn all of them off. That way they’re always off unless triggered. Haven’t had the offline problem since. I tried doing a global variable to turn them off but that didn’t work so I had to list the lights.

FYI, My Alexa triggers the scenes as well, but that doesn’t affect any switching. It is done through the smart life skil

Then I come along and say webCoRE will probably cease at the end of this year or whenever groovy is shut down. I am such a downer :slight_smile:

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