SmartLife Integration

Hello everyone,

I noticed there is a SmartLife integration added to SmartThings. So far it doesn’t seem to work, I keep getting server errors. I read that it’s new and being worked on? However, the main reason I’m addressing this is because I noticed not all available devices in SmartLife are in the SmartThings app. For example, I have a motion detector connected to SmartLife, but I do not see SmartLife under motion detectors in the SmartThings app. Is this something that will be added in the future? Because I’d love to use that.


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I have smart life switches and tried to connect them but ran into problems (error after logging into tuya account).
After contacting ST support I’ve been told US region is not supported by Smart Life yet and advised to contact Smart Life support which i did.

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Got to the link jkp provided and start around post 70 on how to make the Smartlife integration work in the US.