TUYA Wifi Light Integration?


Has anyone been successful in integrating a TUYA Wifi Smart LED light with SmartThings. These are fairly cost effective lights and moould love to see the integration. They do integrate with Alexa.


Interested in this too…

(AndrewVish) #3

Can someone write integration?
Thank you

(bubagump) #4

Would very much appreciate this Tuya intergration too!

(Aviroop) #5

Very much interested in it. Will be great if someone can build this integration.

(Roy) #6

Apparently these LEDs support Smart life App.

Looking at this link, if you want to link them via IFFT, its do’able.

Wish I knew enough to code and make a smart app for them though. really decent price, and quite good reviews! Think I may have to try a set!

(Deric) #7

Wondering if there’s any movement on this…?

(Mike O'connor) #8

ditto. This would be a great integration to have, particularily since the TUYA bulb I purchased does not integrate with IFTTT.

(Mario Grandinetti) #9

I would certainly like to see an app too…these lights are fantastic for the money and if the app was available i would buy more of these lights…would save the need to go and buy another hub.

Please please please, it is the season to be merry lol

(Mario Grandinetti) #10

I have managed to integrate with IFFT and use a new phone app to drive the light which is smartlife, it found the light very easily. I am now looking to write my own smartapp for this light and it has an ip address, i am not sure on how to start writing the app, as i want smarthings to not look within itself but to the network i am connected and then i can tell it the address and hey presto should work?

Any help appreciated.

(Aesgarth) #11

Is there any improvement on this, or still IFTTT only?

I found this:

but i don’t really know how to make use of it…