[RELEASE] Garage Door Manager to Open and Close Automatically when People Arrive/Leave with Timer and Actions

On popular request request here is a SmartApp to have the Garage Door Open and Close Automatically when people arrive or leave with Timers, Actions and Motion Detection.

Originally part of the Enhanced Z-Wave Garage Door controller device handler, it has been enhanced and made compatible with a wide variety of garage door controllers including MyQ, Virtual Garage Door Controller and other SmartThings compliant garage door controller devices.

Key feature summary:

  • Open garage doors when people arrive
    • Delay opening
    • Turn on switches/lights
    • Turn on lights only if it’s dark outside
    • Set operating schedules (Start/End Time and Days of Week)
    • Set operating modes
  • Close garage doors when people leave
    • Set operating schedules (Start/End Time and Days of Week)
    • Set operating modes
    • Detect motion sensors
  • Close garage doors when left open for a period of time
    • Set operating schedules (Start/End Time and Days of Week)
    • Set operating modes
    • Detect motion sensors
  • Close garage doors on a daily schedule
    • Set daily time to close garage doors
    • Set operating modes
    • Detect motion sensors
  • Notifications for actions
  • (Optional) Detailed notification messages
  • SMS multiple numbers
  • Spoken notifications (Sonos or Alexa)
  • Support for multiple garage doors

You can find the latest features on our website and on the release notes

Installation Instructions

You can find step by step installation instructions here

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Garage Door Open and Close Automatically - Version 02.00.05

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I am using this app only for the automatic closing functionality and would like to suggest an enhancement to the app. Currently, I will receive a notification that the garage door has been manually opened (with the notice stating it will be closed in XX minutes). If the garage door is manually closed before XX minutes, I do not receive any notice. It would be great if the app would notify of the closure if it occurs manually prior to the auto-close timer expiring.

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Garage Door Open and Close Automatically - Version 02.00.06

  • Notify user if garage door was closed before the close timer expires if detailed notifications are enabled
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Excellent! Thank you.

I am using this app only for the automatic closing functionality and would like to suggest an enhancement to the app.

Can you integrate a motion sensor where if its active i.e. while doing projects in the garage or yard work, the garage door wont close.

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would a “like” mean this requested feature is being considered? worked on?

the app actually worked today as my son forgot to close the garage and the app closed the garage.

but in contrast, i cringe on the thought that i could be under my car working and the garage closes on me. :(… it wouldn’t be a pretty site lol…

Yes I’ve put it on the feature request list. On a side note doesn’t your garage door have obstruction sensors to detect if something is blocking it? That’s pretty standard for quite a while now and it’s purpose is to avoid exactly what you mentioned. A motion sensor may not help since if you’re under the car the sensor can’t detect you anyways.

thank you for adding to the feature request list. the case scenario example might be a bit exaggerated. more on keeping the garage door open while working and moving around in the garage.

but still id rather just not rely on the garage obstruction sensors just in case they fail and the garage door closes after a certain time that ive set.

again my thanks.

so i guess this feature wont be implemented?

summer’s coming and yard work is in the horizon, id hate for the garage door to close on me while im mowing the lawn.

ive been good keeping my body well inside the garage while working on our vehicle. lol.

thank you anyways for your consideration. and keep up the good work. just bought my smart locks and cant wait to use your DH and smartapp.

Garage Door Open and Close Automatically - Version 02.01.00

  • Don’t close garage doors for timed and presence (leave) based closures when motion is detected
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thank you very much… can’t wait to test this out.

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so what happens after their is no motion is detected? should the SET TIMER resume again?
i.e. if it was originally set to close after 10 minutes BUT within 10 mins. motion was detected, garage door remains open, but what happens after their is no motion detected afterwards and the garage door is still open?

im shooting this question as i cannot tell if the APP will resume the set timer then IF no motion within the SET TIMER then garage door will close, ELSE itll remain open. OR if its the ongoing issues(?) with FIBARO motion sensors(?).

first day mowing the lawn today, and was happy the garage door didn’t close on me while working in the yard. it however remained open even after i ran to home depot to get some yard stuff!

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I’m wondering about this too…what happens after it senses motion? It should just reset the timer. I probably have to dig into the code.

It would be nice if the notifications could be customized too. I don’t need to know every time it opens, only when it has been open past a certain time period.

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nothing happens. after 10mins and it has sensed motion, garage door will remain open. and you’d have to make sure you do not forget to close the garage door as it will not check ever if its open or closed.

Then it sounds like it is time to modify some code or find a new app!

Garage Door Open and Close Automatically - Version 02.01.02

  • Reset timer when motion is detected while closing garage doors
  • Ignore invalid characters in SMS number

Apologies for the delay in publishing this update

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my goodness. its been there all along? anyways. pretty much appreciated.

so i have created a YARD WORK mode so that the the garage door only closes if left open on ALL modes EXCEPT when its on YARD WORK. problem is it seems to be not working. what am i not doing or NOT understanding right?

image image

Your setup is fine, there’s an ongoing issue with the hub/platform. It’s dropping some events and ignoring the modes for some apps. Try to uninstall and reinstall the app and reboot your hub or wait until ST fixes it.

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