Notification when door is left open for X minutes?

Is there a way to have ST send me an alert/notification if my garage door sensor is left open for lets say 30 minutes?

The other night, our lovely little 12 year old left the garage door open all night, so I would like to prevent this, if possible, in the future.

Thank you.

In the Classic app, you can use the app - Notify Me When (from Marketplace) or set a custom alert in Smart Home Monitor.

In the new app, you can create a custom automation.

There is also webCoRE.

Hopes this helps you with getting started!


I use webCore to notify me when the door has been open for some time. But another thing you can do is run a check of things like garage doors automatically at night time.

If you are using the Classic app, set up a routine to run in the evening. Have it check the garage doors and notify you. If you have your garage doors automated, you can even have the doors automatically close when that routine is run.


The simplest way would be to create a standalone rule and use SHM Monitoring in the Classic app or create a custom automation in the new app.

However if you’re using the RBoy Apps LUM app, it has a built in door open monitoring function which you can use to monitor your garage door and have it notify you using a SMS, Push or spoken announcement.

Some other options:

You can check out include the Garage Door Management app: [RELEASE] Garage Door Open and Close Automatically when People Arrive/Leave with Timer and Actions which can also close the garage doors for you.

If you’re looking at repeat notifications with a custom messages and announcing over Alex/Bose/Sonos etc you can also check out: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors