Home monitor keypad question

I’m just getting into smartthings and wanted to replace my simplysafe system with this but had a question when I really started to think about it.

I arm my alarm when I go to bed at night and disarm when I leave in the morning (pretty typical). The keypad is at the door to remind me as well as an audible chirp when I open the door. With smartthings I like the auto arm at night but in the morning am I going to have to disarm with the app? I’m assuming I can’t use location because by the time I start the car the alarm will go off.

Does anyone know of a keypad that works in this case? Zigbee/z wave pin protected button?

SmartThings is not a substitute for Simplisafe (or any other UL listed home security system).

Smartthings lacks several things that a UL listed security system would require. The most important thing to understand is that it is still primarily a cloud-based system. If the Internet goes out, even if the power is still on, you will not receive ANY notifications. You will not be able to change the alarm mode to arm or disarm the system. You will not be able to use any keypad unless the Internet is available and the SmartThings cloud is available.

Also, the current system does not have a battery back up.

There are other issues as well. So while there are some people who use smartthings for notifications, it’s not usually as a substitute for home security. It’s just not built for that. That’s not just my opinion: the company says so themselves in their product usage guidelines

Data accuracy and consistency from SmartThings sensors, including those provided by SmartThings directly, resold by SmartThings, or supported by SmartThings, is not guaranteed. Therefore, you should not rely on that data for any use that impacts health, safety, security, property or financial interests.

( The exception to all of this was the dual logo ADT/smartthings system which is still listed but is essentially “end of life“ and is now very hard to find for sale.)

Anyway, if you are looking for an inexpensive DIY alternative to simplisafe, I would suggest either the ring security system (typically the highest rated inexpensive system these days, including at the Wall St. Journal and consumer reports) Or the Nest system. Neither integrates directly with smartthings, but both are much better security systems. :sunglasses:

As far as keypads with delays, it’s going to require custom code (so, again, cloud-based and won’t work if the Internet is out or the smartthings cloud is unavailable). There is a delay available without custom code, but no keypad.

I think most people end up paying for access to Rboy s code library, which has Code both for several different keypads and then a bunch of different security options. At the time of this writing It’s $40 for unlimited access to all the code, and it’s very popular. He even has code that will allow you to use the new ring second generation keypad with smartthings. Again, though, it won’t work unless the smartthings cloud is available.

@rboy is an expert on these and locks and may have some other models to suggest. :sunglasses:

Here’s his site:

So I think that’s the easiest way to use a keypad with smartthings and get a lot of features. I just still wouldn’t use it as a primary security system. But if you’re OK with the cloud-based limitations, obviously it’s your choice.


With smartthings I like the auto arm at night but in the morning am I going to have to disarm with the app?

I change from ‘night’ to ‘home’ when the motion sensor in the kitchen (between 6am & 7am) senses someone. That transition disarms STHM. (Sure, someone could break in directly into the kitchen between those times, but as JDRoberts says, it’s not a real alarm system)

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Wow this forum is quick lol. I see what everyones saying about the not a real security system and I get it but my simply safe isn’t connected to anything so it’s basically just a siren which is really all I need. I have a whole house generator and the network (hub included) is also on backup battery for the couple seconds the generator takes to kick on. I guess it comes down to internet outages which haven’t happened since I got FiOS a few years back and sensor reliability.

I’m just not a fan of the simply safe not telling me there’s an issue until I get home.

I’ll take a look at rboy, thank you!

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The nice thing about SmartThings is you can pretty much build any system you want using a wide range of components.

You can use the built in STHM security monitoring app for basic monitoring with the standard sensors.

You can complement STHM or replace with this app which allows for expanded use to monitor more things (like Garage Doors) and use a variety of other devices like keypads or switches to arm/disarm the app. You can do entry/exit delays, You can also have the app do a countdown for you if you have TTS devices (like Bose, Sonos, Alexa etc). And the list goes on but you’re getting the idea by now on how flexible SmartThings can be with the right devices and apps:

If you want to use keypads to arm/disarm you device (or even use their build in Sirens or countdown timers), here are a couple of popular options to consider (there are about 8 different keypads supported between these two topics):


@RBoy You have some cool stuff on your site, does your garage door app support the zooz Zen16 relay? I’m still new so figuring out what supports what has my head spinning

I’m assuming you want to create your own garage door controller. If so, use this app to create your own virtual controller with the Zen16 relay:

and then you can control it using the Garage Door Manager app:

Well since you just starting…May I put this option in the which you would either hail me a hero or hate me later for infecting you with the upgrade bug. :rofl::rofl:

I use ActionTiles running on a cheap FireTablet where not only can I arm/disarm but can also control a whole slew of devices. I’m ashamed to say how many of them I have around the house but…they are soooo darn cool!!

I have been using @RBoy dh/apps for a while now. a while back i paid for the lifetime subscription. back then i was only using a few of the dh/apps, but now im using quite a few. they are well worth the money.