Garage Door Opener Closing Unexpectedly

I originally had an Iris Garage Door Opener (z-wave ver. 1). With age and the upgrade of hardware it became useless. With the urging of members of this group, I upgraded the SmartThings opener to a Go Control (z-wave plus) controller.

Of course I still have the original manual garage door opener controls (button by the interior door and smart keypad outside) running in parallel with the Go Control controller. The new controller works as it was intended to operate - perhaps too well.

Given my normal operation, when I go to the garage in the morning, I turn on the smart outlet which provides power to the garage door opener motor. I then press the local open button just inside the garage, not the SmartThings garage door open button on my phone. The door opens.

I proceed to get in my truck and while starting the engine of the truck, the garage door closes. (What? the door closes? How did that happen? Did I accidently press something on my phone? I haven’t touched the controller on the wall. How did that happen?) I press the controller on the sun shield of my truck. The door opens (again). I scoot out of the garage as quickly as I can. I don’t want the door to start to close while I am backing out of the garage.

So, what the devel actually happen? How can I prevent it from happening again. This could be a very expensive problem.

Thanks for any thoughts. If I have been unclear, please ask.


I’m assuming you’re using a stock or a good device handler for your garage door controller and that no SmartApps or Automations are interfering with your Garage door.

You can check you device events logs in the IDE to see if SmartThings sent a command to the garage door opener. IDE -> My Devices -> < garage door controller > -> List Events

If there’s nothing in the events then the garage door controller itself may be facing an obstruction while opening and closing itself. It’s happening after a it completely opens and stabilizes, then it’s likely some automation you may have that’s sending the command (are you using any virtual garage doors setup which may be triggering it?)

Thanks for your suggestions. I did actually discover that another smart app that I was starting to build and which had inadvertently been turned o, recognized that there was power to the outlet that feeds the garage door opener (power), and when it recognized that fact, proceeded to close the door, thinking that it should be closed.
So when I would go into the garage in the morning and turn on power to the outlet, and then open the garage door, the smart app OH, there is power and the door is open; lets close it. I turned off the smart app and the problem has resolved itself.
I still need to go back and work on the objective…
Thanks for you thoughts on the project.