GoControl Automation Problem

Just installed GoControl garage door opener. I have an automation that will turn on lights, unlock doors, etc when the garage door opens after sunset. the automation work fine if i open the garage door with the app, but not when it opens from pushing the RF button in the car. The app shows the status change but will not activate the automation. Is this type of event supported? Thx.

can you post a screenshot of the automation

Should it be opening or open? I think opening is an intermediary state for garage door controllers.

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The device has 2 parts - the control to open or close the garage door and a tilt sensor. Both pop up when you try and automate the device. The controller has 5 options - closing, closed, opening, open & unknown. The tilt has 2 options - closed or open. As i said, opening the garage door with the app does the automation. Opening the door not via the app (i.e. manual wall button or RF from car) does not.

Yes that’s because of how the gocontrol controller works (between the firmware and stock device handler it doesn’t comply with the ST requirements a 100%). When you open the device using the app, the ST sets the state to opening and it triggers your automation. If you try to open the garage door manually, the state switches from closed to open because the GoControl garage door controller doesn’t report an opening state to SmartThings, hence it will never trigger the automation.

Try changing your rule to trigger the automation when the garage is open instead of opening. That should fix it for you.

If you have access to rboy apps., you can also check out this enhanced device handler for your gocontrol garage door controller which fixes some bugs in the stock device handler and also adds some features, plus this smartapp which automates many garage door actions: [RELEASE] Garage Door Open and Close Automatically when People Arrive/Leave with Timer and Actions

Thx. Having the If only be for the tilt sensor “open” (no controller) did the trick.

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