Smart Rules Inconsistent and not working as hoped

I have found as of late getting SmartRules to work properly is not in the cards, I continue to have issues with the rules firing and working consistently. I also found if you have a copy on a I phone and I pad they don’t keep synced and if you delete one of the rules it doesn’t really go away. I even used the sync feature on the setting page. I also found that to rid your self of the rules completely you have to disconnect from SmartThings. Any one having the same issues? I am trying to learn the CoRE Piston Smart Ap but that is a bit more involved at this point.

This sounds more like a smartThings problem and less like SmartRules. I am using CoRE and I have similar problems. I also have SmartRules and it seems to be working every time. I’ve pretty much given up on the stability of smartThings.

You are right the Smartthings platform lately has been more trouble than what it’s worth, I had high hopes.

Discouraging to hear CoRE is having the same issues?