Things not working for the last 2 hours

Just wondering is anyone is noticing that things are not working as correct this evening?

For the last 2 hours I’ve has issues with things not running and also when it does run, only half the actions run.

I’ve had to reboot my hub 2 times tonight so far.

To be honest it coinsides with my installing the new Rule Machine setup, but I dont know.

I’m not seeing it here (west coast USA). The only way I could see Rule Machine being part of the problem is if your configuration has created a race condition, as described in the OP:

Caution: Rules that use multiple rule-truths as conditions can fail due to race conditions should those tied-to Rules change state simultaneously. Best practice would be to avoid using multiple rule-truth conditions in a single Rule. Triggers do not have this issue; multiple rule-truth events in a Trigger are treated such that any of the Rules proving true/false (as selected) causes the Trigger to take action.

If the above is not relevant to your situation, try opening a chat session with Support.

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Mine is all messed up as well and I do not have the rules machine

My ST devices were not working all all this morning when I woke up. The Front Door had not locked and other morning mode items did not fire. They came back online at 8:30am EST.

I, of course, emailed ST Support Desk and they have not (or never) responded! I’m not sure that anyone works there anymore! :rage:

Hmm. My problems are minor, but I’ve had a noticeable slow down in the last 48 hours or so. Motion sensors are responding slower than they used to, and when multiple lights are set to turn on, they seem to turn on one at a time, slowly. Before they were turning on pretty close to simultaneously.

Of course this could be coincidental and the problems could be unrelated. I haven’t really added anything much new, other than a couple of Hue dimmer switches and an Iris fob. No new app or anything that should throw things off.

I was experiencing the same issue, I did a hub reboot to fix.

None of my routines ran Friday night (1am to 3am Saturday morning California). My lighting autmation did run as expected Saturday evening.