Rule machine losing pieces of rules

I tried searching and reading the rule machine threads but it’s hard to muddle through 1000’s of posts.

I’m finding, almost daily, that pieces of my rules in rule machine are disappearing. I think it’s only rules with triggers but I can’t be sure.

Anyone else seeing this, and if so, have you found a way to stop it. I could almost accept it if it were only existing rules that I had made changes to but It’s happening to rules that have been working for awhile.

I’m running Android, latest version of the Smartthings app, so I do have the refresh bug but am careful about that and these are rules that have previously worked. I’m also on the v1 hub and won’t consider upgrading until the system is stable. It doesn’t appear in posts that the v2 hub is any more stable than the v1. If I’m wrong about this someone let me know. They are on sale and what’s another $80 when you are approaching the 50 device mark.

Any ideas or is it just part of the giant FUBAR that we have all been seeing for months now. I’m glad I’m retired or I may not have enough time to keep my house running. :slight_smile:

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There are a few threads about this issue. Here is a recent discussion. You can start with this postn and go down to thw bottom

Thank you Bobby

You’re welcome, I just updated the link…

I found it through your profile. I see others have it much worse than me. I sure hope they get this fixed. I’ve been on the system for over a year now, a lot shorter than a bunch of you guys, but it seems like I’m always trying to fix or bypass something that is wrong in the platform. If they were to take rule machine, let it run local, can you imagine the load that would be removed from their servers. As long as they updated the device drivers to run local too. If they did that, I would by the v2 hub in a heartbeat.


There are threads dedicated to that as well, e.g this et al:

IMO Rule Machine should be built into the hub firmware.


Is not really about devices all of mine are eligible to run local, but there are no apps to handle them. Aside from Smart Lighting, which works for most basic ‘if this then that’ light use cases and some notifications in SHM, there is nothing to run thermostats or locks for example. So Rule would make most sense to be allowed to run locally.

Yes, it has been running rampant lately. It’s also not just triggers.

I’ve lost triggers, conditional triggers, rules, and actions…

It’s been nuts.

I think the only way to prevent it is to just… Well… Ummmm… hold on I’m thinking… Ummmm… Yeah…


I’ve seen this thread. I’ve also seen smartthings responses. I dont have my hopes real high but it has been awhile since I’ve read through all the posts. It sure would be nice though. Rule Machine is what smartthings needs to make their platform more complete and easier for new user. The built in smart lighting app is very limited in its scope. I haven’t been able to use it for much of my lighting needs.

Save your money. I had a reasonably stable system until I switched to V2. Always something going wrong or just disappearing altogether. For example I use my wife’s and my cell phones as presence detectors to automate the gate, driveway and garage lighting, open the gate and unlock the door. The V1 hub never had a false ‘I’m home’. A few weeks. ago we were at least 10 miles away from home when a ‘Welcome Home’ SMS message was sent to my phoneL. ST then proceeded to open the gate and garage, unlock the door, and turn on the lights. It happened about 50% of the time. I finally gave up and use a mimimote button push to launch the ‘I’m home’ mode.

Transco, has anything else occurred that might impact your geofences? Any phone OS updates, changes in location programming, etc? I ask because I’m on V2, and my phone is very reliably triggering the front lock just as I arrive in the driveway. I’m using it with Tasker and the Autoloction geofence plugin.

That’s real Nice. Thanks for your real world experience. Spend more money and time for a less reliable system. Presence issues really take away from HA experience. My biggest issue at this point is parts of my rule machine rules keep disappearing, almost daily.

The only time I have had presence issues is when I update ios on my wife’s iPhone 4s or, being that it’s 3g, if she is talking on it when she comes home. No data & voice at the same time on 3g with Verizon. Neither are Smartthings fault. I will have to update the 4s phone at some point. I use both Smartthings presence and life 360 presence as backup and if any of them arrive, I know someone is home. This is mainly for the 3g issue as life 360 will instant eventually figure it out without opening the app. Our Morning alarms look to see if we are home or they don’t fire. My wife likes Smartiles so she rarely opens the Smartthings app. We have also found that we like the shared lists and the ability to check on each other’s location in pretty much real time using 360.

I never get the “being home” when we are not here and don’t think I ever have. My Galaxy S5 is rock solid on presence. Fortunately, I have never had my garage doors open on their own. Fingers crossed. I haven’t changed out my door locks yet but we RARELY use the front door to come and go.

I use IFTT for backup time triggers and that has helped tremendously during this mess.

I have had the issue with the cree bulbs that others are having. At least now I know I can try renaming them. This is a rare issue though.

Using the custom configuration in SMH has worked well for me for my security system. The only downside is not seeing when your armed but arming is based on modes so not a huge issue. No false alarms or not being able to disarm the thing completely outweighs any negatives. Especially when a siren is going off in the background

Again, I appreciate you sharing your experience, Ron. It helps to hear from people that have made the switch.


Interestingly, the chatter I’ve read indicates SmartThings thinks RM would be too complex for new users, while in reality it’s probably the opposite. One central place for all your IFTTT. Besides, most people thinking about home automation at this point, and certainly most of the people in this forum, are either gadgetheads or in IT. How much do you really need to dumb it down…

The nice thing about rule machine is it can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be. You dumb it down too much and you have smart lighting. It’s simple, but can’t do very much.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

Keep it easy for the out of the box consumer. But keep the flexibility and power for the power user.

I think Bruce had done a great job on the software and the UI. Especially with the limitations faced in ST.

Thanks, but it’s no good with what’s going on. Having to track down headless rules every day, say what? What kind of company trashes customer data every day?

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You nailed it! That’s @bravenel 's ingenuity at its best.

I agree completely. Since the data corruption started I’ve been aggressively researching my options. Data lids inn a cloud environment is unacceptable. Where is the redundancy? Where is the data matching certification reliability? A $1000.00 Sony Vaio with RAID currently runs better data protection.

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It hit me too, today. Just lost my custom commands. @Mike_Maxwell have you gotten yours back?

At the moment, over half of my system is just dead, non-responsive.