Crippled system

Guys I am only hearing about issues with US servers yesterday, however I am in the UK, but nearly all of my rule machine rules are now broken as of yesterday, each of the rules no longer have conditions and only actions and I am unable to reselect them.

I have had to delete 50 or so rules because of this as my actions were running i.e turning on and off lights constantly as the actions were constantly firing. again we are here with DB corruption again. there were no changes my end prior to this. to redo these rules will take days…and this is the second time something like this has happened.

come on guys what are you doing! borderline incompetence.

Best option is to move over to CoRE because there will be nobody to support RM. I suffered trough the first meltdown when the data loss ripped the head off of many rules. At that time SmartThings support said they would restore the data… Well, we all know the ending to that story. As of yesterday they were essentially saying the same thing about finding a way to restore the lost data. Personally I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Many of us have invested untold hours in building complicated rules and with no effective way to back them up or print them out, it becomes a very frustrating time when you have created many rules and discover half of them gone. The good news is that CoRE has a recovery option so if/when this happens again it is easy to restore the lost rule/piston.

There is a bit of a learning curve moving from RM to CoRE but once you learn that I think you will find CoRE is a great deal more efficient.

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I do have rules also in CoRE. But why invest more time on this platform? No thanks. One too far it’s time to move to a complete zwave network and dump this crud

CoRE also broke yesterday. As did other smart apps using state.

The difference is that after the break, the core author added a feature that could repair it once SmartThings had repaired the platform problem.

Yep, I’ve also lost rules over the last 24/48 hours - my house is now doing very strange things. Very disappointing.

As for switching to CoRE - took me long enough to learn how to use RM. Arrgghhhh

To top this off. Why am I affected on the UK shard. Someone is telling porkies on the impact here. Why is the status reporting it’s a US only issue? If they only rolled it out to the US shard then fine…then they need to look at why I am affected also

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Other UK users also reported the problem in the deathknell thread.

That was my mistake. We sent the email out to all regions but I missed a toggle for the UK status page when we realized it was trending. I take full responsibility.


To be honest my mistake was this system… I so wanted this to work. But I gotta say I hope the person who has pushed days of work my way to fix this crap or move away has got the boot. Shoddy planning and terrible execution for an upgrade. I would expect no less than getting canned in my role…