Official Ecobee 3 Integration

Well, I can guarantee you that with my DTH, you will not lose your ecobee connections (unless the ST or the ecobee servers are down of course). My Ecobee device is far more resilient than the ST stock device because of the different mechanisms I’ve put into my code.

Personally, I’ve not lost my connection since the beginning of the year (the last time we had serious issues with the ST platform). And, I’ve seen 6 ecobee thermostats and many remote sensors (8) in a single user location not losing their connections either. You have to properly configure the app for that workload.

I’ve been constantly improving the DTH’s resilience since I created it:

  • Contrary to the ST stock device, it does not use any scheduling to renew the auth tokens

  • It uses less state variables. If you want to know the impact of state variables, read the following:

  • It now uses the latest async requests to avoid timeouts.

If you don’t believe my words, just read the feedback from my contributors in the My Ecobee device thread.


P.S. I have 16 smart vents controlled via My Ecobee device and my “ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule” smartapp, and I just forgot about them. They work in a reliable manner without me having to think about it.