Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20

We apologize that we were unable to provide advanced notification of this update; we strive to alert you to updates in advance. However, due to a concern regarding the loss of Hub connectivity after a reboot or power outage, we needed to apply the update without advanced notification. Your Hub experienced downtime of less than one minute as it rebooted and applied the update.

Firmware Version

  • 0.24.20

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 (2015)

Release Date

  • Monday, December 10th

Release Notes

  • Bug fixes regarding a loss of connectivity after a power loss or reboot
  • Device firmware updates for 2018 SmartThings Outlet and Sensors
  • Minor bug fixes

This should be fun. Time to get some fresh batteries ready…

Thanks for getting this posted @Brad_ST


What about those of us with v3 hubs who also have 2018 devices? Do we already have the latest firmware?

Any plans to address v3 hubs disconnecting from the cloud when a high number of devices are controlled in a group? I think I’m up to 3 tickets on the issue now.


I disabled OTA updates for my sensors. I’m not burning through batteries this time.

The device firmware updates are tied to the Hub firmware update. When the v3 Hub receives a firmware update, it should include these device firmware updates.

Are the device updates just for the 2018 outlet?
And 2018 sensors?


2018 outlet and ALL sensors?

Yes, this (hub) update includes (device firmware) updates for all 2018 devices, not for the older generations sensors.

My question was, since this update is targeted to v2 hubs, do those of us with v3 hubs already have the updated firmware for our ST v3 devices, or will a seperate update be coming out?

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No, v3 Hub users do not have this updated device firmware yet.

Hub v2 and SmartThings Button (pre-OTA firmware update):

Hub v2 and SmartThings Button (post-OTA firmware update):

Hub v3 and SmartThings Button (no update available):


That doesn’t sound like a valid reason to me, especially given the effects that last update had on some users (not me). Learning that hubs will burst into flames on 12/12 is a reason, but surely not a rare occurrence triggering a rare problem. Or are you saying you learned that some date overflow on a date soon to occur will cause a reboot failure?

If this problem has already occurred then it could carry on occurring for another couple of days. No?

Seems as though I and others are having issues with devices being slow to receive commands ever since this update


We’re currently investigating this and believe it is a cloud issue affecting only the NA04 shard right now. We believe the hub firmware release is unrelated but, as noted, we are actively looking into root cause and mitigation.


So yesterday 4 of my Samsung 2018 ZigBee sensors went offline, 3 leak sensors and a multi purpose. All were stable before yesterday, all are close to 2018 Samsung outlets. Is this just a bad coincidence or were there updates to those devices that just weren’t listed above? Or maybe more possible the firmware updates to the outlets caused them to reboot and now my devices that were using the outlets as a repeater can no longer connect? How long are outlets that get a firmware update offline before they come back on?

I did not gone through and reset any of them as I was hoping if it was the outlets (repeaters) the sensors will reconnect on their own but I thought that would have happens by now.

I’m on a V2 hub but I have some 2018 Smartthings devices and the firmware for these isn’t updating.
The devices are stuck on version …B whereas the update is …11.
My hub has updated and I have OTA firmware updates enabled for Zigbee devices on the hub!
An event is recorded for the devices in question stating that the firmware update has started but then there aren’t any further events after this.

Oddly, some of my 2018 Smartthings buttons and their firmware have updated. The process looks to have taken about 30mins.

Anyone any ideas on this?

Thanks all.

This has been going on for several days. My hub has also been disconnecting when switching a large number of devices for a few weeks now. Tickets on the subject are being dismissed.

With over 400 devices acting up I’ve ordered Hubitat out of sheer frustration and lack of support.


I recall from the update that first enabled OTA FW updates that if there is a weak signal to a device (which you otherwise may not notice in the normal course of events) it can take a very long time to complete as it keeps retrying. I had some devices that did not update for over a week. Eventually they all caught up.


@Royal2000H - I am on a V3, which did not get the firmware update, and am on the NA04 shard. I too have noticed sluggish performance and occasional hub disconnects but was faulting my own system… If my sluggishness is actually cloud related then that should go to show the firmware (everybody’s favorite scapegoat) is not at fault. I used to be on the first shard I believe, and when I migrated to v3 I ended up on NA04. Since that migration, I seem to have been having an increased number of issues that appear to be shard related… other than performance, a common one is the super annoying “Access Denied” while I am in the IDE. Am I the only one?

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I get this on NA01 too

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Device status is now more unreliable. I have 2 devices with “HUB_DISCONNECTED” for the last several hours, but they work just fine. Nothing I do gets them back to normal. I have 2 others as OFFLINE that I’ve been watching all day.

One is an Iris contact sensor that hasn’t reported anything in 15 hours, but ST said it did 15 minutes ago. The ONLY thing in the IDE event logs to suggest something happened in 15 minutes was a ping and/or offline event. The sensor is dead and needs rejoined.

The other device is a GE switch that’s been offline for 4 hours, and it’s going to need the airgap/power cycle. This is the same behavior experienced with firmware 24.11.

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