How do I know whether we're migrated?

How do I know whether we’ve been migrated off the Classic app or not? Here’s why I’m confused:

  1. 1 of our 2 users got the migration notice, but not the other. The person who DID get the migration notice was a secondary or “invited” user. The person who did NOT get the migration notice was the primary user or account owner.
  2. In the new Samsung app, all of our devices appear, but at least 75% of them are “Disconnected.” I’ve seen others reporting this, but surely this isn’t the normal migration experience? There’s not even any pattern, like SmartThings brand devices vs third-party devices. We have 2 door sensors and 1 is working; we have 2 wet/dry sensors and 1 is working.

So how do I tell for sure whether we’re supposedly officially migrated or not? Thank you!


Very easy: nobody has been migrated off the classic app.


The migration you are referring to, I think, is a migration from a ST account to a Samsung account. It’s the account you log into that got migrated, not the app.

Even though you have been migrated i.e. logging into ***, you can (and probably should) continue to use the Classic app where you can, as it generally has greater functionality than the STSC app. You can also use both in situations where the Classic app doesn’t support hardware you may own.

My bigger issue is that, devices have become much more unstable and I don’t know if it’s due to this migration. I am getting that “evil eye” from my wife when lights aren’t able to be controlled.

Is it my imagination, or has things gotten a lot worse recently.

Isn’t your imagination. Look at the outage history here: and the last V2 irmware update here Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20