Did anyone's hub just update to firmware 024.00020?

My hub (v2) just went offline and now I’m on new firmware and w/no notification from ST? What?!

More info on today’s release:

Mine is 24.19 but that happened last week. There was no notice though.

Did you send support an email asking why?

24.00020 here. Looks like it happened today sometime.

Yup, same here… 11m ago… I didn’t even notice and didn’t receive any either :slight_smile: V2 no beta

I just happened to be in the app when I got the red bar of death message for my hub being offline, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed. I sent support and email asking wtf…

What version of the hub? my V3 is still at 24.11

Same here, my v3 is unchanged. I guess they’re no longer going to post notifications here in the forum in advance of updates.

Good question! Version 2.

@johnconstantelo are you in the V2 firmware beta program?

I am/was, but there’s radio silence there too. And Centercode says “You are not currently enrolled in any Projects.”

mine is still at 000.024.00011

and i seem to see a 0019??? is my hub behind? is this why it has been acting crazy recently… i.e. goes offline quite frequently.

It probably depends on the version of your hub. I’m v2, you may be on v3.

mine updated at 5:30pm
@johnconstantelo im on the beta program no posts at our centercode website

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Im on V2 as well.

Ah, i take back my previous statement. 24.11 was the most current that I knew of (and it caused me a world of hurt too).

I am on V2 Hub, with beta testing and I am at 24.00011 as of 1:42 Eastern PM

Looks like I’m on 024.00020 also, event log suggests it updated between 10:54-10:59am Eastern.

V2 hub, not part of the beta program.

Mine just updated to .20. I was in the middle of a zwave repair. Updated at 1:49 pm eastern

I didn’t realise there had been an update, but having checked I’m now on 24.00020 and it happened at 5:32pm today (in the UK).

Coincidentally, or not, I found my phone suddenly couldn’t see any 2.4GHz WiFi signals at all earlier and I had to restart its WiFi. That was about 5:35pm.