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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.19

(Nick Stevens) #1

On Monday, December 4 between 10:00 AM EST and 9:00 PM EST, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub v2 (both US and UK/EU models) to the latest firmware (version 0.19.19). Your Hub will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most customers will experience less than one minute of downtime. This update will provide the following improvements:

  • Fix frequent disconnects for users with an offline Hue bridge
  • Fix disconnect issues for some users with video cameras

Note that this firmware will not affect SmartThings v1 Hubs, Samsung Connect, Nvidia, or ADT panels.

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(terence peace) #2


Are you going to fix the Samsung TV problem of not being seen by the Hub anytime soon?


(Dave) #3


Does this update fix random/phantom/transient Night mode happening during Home mode? (Ticket raised after 19.17 release)

I’ve had to disable Night mode to stop light automations being messed up (lights switching off in middle of evening)



Appreciate the information! :sunglasses:

At this point there are 7 retail controller models for the SmartThings platform:

SmartThings Hub V1
Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 (US)
Samsung SmartThings Hub (UK)
Samsung Connect (US)
Samsung Connect (Singapore)
Nvidia Shield Link
Samsung/ADT Security Hub

It would be helpful if official announcements and email blasts included which controllers will be affected by any updates. Plus a note that “No other hub models will be updated at this time.” And a specific note as to whether the UK model is getting updated at the same time as the US V2 model as it is not called V2 in the UK.

Otherwise we get questions posted to the forum forever afterwards. :wink:

@jody.albritton @jim

(Dave) #5

There is a version 2 model in UK known as V2 (F-HUB-UK-V2)


I’m aware of that model number, but my understanding is that just occurred because of the switch in manufacturers and while the case is somewhat different, the architecture was the same. It wasn’t a generational change like we got between the V1 hub and the V2 hub in the US. So they aren’t running separate firmware update paths.

(Brad) #7

Good feedback. Thanks JD!

Technically there are v1 Hubs with EU Z-Wave chips from the Kickstarter days but they are quite rare.

(Bill Gardner) #8

I agree with Tezz, this update needs to fix the connectivity issue between YOUR hub and YOUR TV. The SmartThings connectivity is the whole reason I upgraded the tv I was purchasing. If I wanted non-compatibly I would have bought the LG tv for $500.00 less.

(Doug) #9

Absolutely! I got the 7000 series 65" TV, and the “smart” things hub doesn’t see it to connect… False advertising!!!

You would think you’re own products would talk to each other!!!

We are very upset!

We are considering returning the tv and the hub and starting over with non Samsung products.

Why isn’t this fixed already?

(B) #10

Agreed, it’s ridiculous. I bought smartthings specifically so it could integrate to my new QLED 65" TV, assuming that all the software pieces were in place.

Well, they’re not, and it’s crazy how you can sell these things as part of an ecosystem, but them not actually being part of that ecosystem.

(Jagan Ramamoorthy) #11

Please fix this, or at least acknowledge and give us a time frame!

(terence peace) #12

Maybe ST staff will answer today as the office will be open after the weekend.

(Nick Stevens) #13

Unfortunately it’s not a problem I can fix :slightly_frowning_face: The problems are not related to Hub v2 firmware, so today’s update won’t have any effect on Samsung TV issues. I did confirm that there is a team aware of the issue.

We’re trying to pin down specifics on this bug. If you are seeing it regularly, it would be hugely helpful if you clicked “Retrieve” under “Hub Logs” in the “Utilities” page of the IDE right after you see this happen. Then reach out to support and let them know the issue you’ve seen and that you triggered logs. This gives us something specific to look at. Thanks!


There seems to be a bigger issue around Modes in general over the last 10 days that seems to be affecting quite a few people in the UK.

(terence peace) #15


So it’s the TV side causing the problems?
If so, have you got a rough time scale please?

(Joe) #16

What about the Battery reporting issues, This is way past getting old now. I have devices dropping off because the batteries are going dead and there is no way I can tell.

(Bob) #17

Hub updated to 19.19.
No issues and I’ve checked everything and all my devices are working as they should.
Another faultless update for me.
Keep up the good work.

(RH) #18

My hub was just updated and I feel 10 years younger!

(Joel W) #19

I have been asking about this for months. I have a large amount of CR2450 batteries that ST reported bad, and they check good under load.

Most reliable, small Z-wave motion sensor?

My HUB is dead after the upgrade. Still showing offline.
@nastevens, @Brad_ST