Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20

Last night there were all kinds of issues after the update. Routines controlling multiple devices worked only on some of them and everything was super slowwwww.
For about 30 minutes after I quit messing with it, different lights were going on and off seemingly by themselves!
Just commands finally getting thru the queue I guess.

This morning everything seems back to normal and I saw the incident shows as resolved.

Please let this fix the issue with Cree bulbs randomly turning on and off.

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That’s the update I’m waiting for as well. I hate that all my cree bulbs flash on an off at random times.

I’ve also noticed a delay with lights turning on after motion being detected. This has been going on for a few days though and I’m in the UK.

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Couldn’t agree more. Updates without notification should be on my for emergency security patching.

This is very sloppy and highly concerning considering my alarm system and my lighting and power are controlled by my ST hub.

So this is why I had to do unplug my hub because the damn lights kept turning on by themselves while I was trying to sleep. Thanks for the treat!..

I finally have an explanation of what was going on last night. Had I known a firmware update was in progress or any other system issues, I could have saved myself some time. I’ll see how things are working this evening after I get home, but I think things are in better shape now.

Unless there is a serious security concern, it’s inexcusable to not notify us of firmware updates. We don’t even have control of when you do these updates. How does not notifying your customers in advance make things better? Poor communications with your customer base does not inspire confidence.


It doesn’t.

We have reported this issue to Cree and they have not been able to reproduce or provide an updated OTA firmware for their devices. We encourage people to contact Cree directly to increase visibility on their side about this issue as we do not have any ability to address this issue ourselves.

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I don’t have any cree. Just a ceiling fan/ lights connected by GE zwave switch. Fan also controlled by GE zwave was working fine.

You might want to update your Support staff … here’s a couple of replies I’ve had. They suggest something is being worked. Your reply suggests ST have no traction on the issue. I have suggested ST take them off the officially supported list. I have $120 worth of Crees bought in good faith to work with ST and now they just cause problems - not only the flashing but their repeating capability is now severely compromised.

Dec 10

This is an issue that will require a HUB firmware update to deliver a new OTA update for the bulbs… we are working with Cree on this but we do not have a definitive timeline.

Nov 12

We are working with Cree on the matter as the firmware is from them, and we hope to have something soon.

For the record, I’m not sure this is totally a Cree issue as a CONFIG command is getting sent by ST whenever there is a flash. I don’t know if that’s as a result of the flash, ie the bulb flashes and then messages ST and ST sends a CONFIG in response or the CONFIG is causing the flash - I suspect the latter. As for the repeating issue, who knows.

Let’s all be grateful remembering where we started

At least where I started :grinning:


Ever since this update ALL my devices are “Unavailable.” My lights, door sensors, and plugs. EVERYTHING. I have rebooted multiple times. I have refreshed the app, taken out light bulbs… nothing works. This is absolutely ridiculous. I tried to remove and then add a device… cant even be found anymore.

Im sorry, but I gotta call you out on this.
It is utter horseshit.
You REALLY could not issue an alert during the time you were working on the fix to let us know?? What, did it take you forty two seconds to fix the issue?

Samsung, stop lying to us. Just effin stop lying already. I’m fucking tired of it.


Then how do you explain my 9 Cree bulbs working just fine well before 24.11 came out? Mine were updated to Cree’s latest firmware back in August during one of the beta’s:

I’m not experiencing any issues with these bulbs. Mine are all the Daylight version (5000k).

Just to clarify…no issues with bulbs, but everything else, you bet I am. Ever since 24.11 came out.

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I think they just plain forgot to send the email and then made up an excuse later. I hope so, otherwise the person in charge of when they do updates really needs to take a break and consider what they are doing for a living!


Is this supposed to fix the issue with the randomly flashing Cree light bulbs? There has been a lot of silence on this topic for some time. Thanks! (Judging by some of the other comments I’ve seen there’s little hope.)

Well this update didn’t fix all the ZW issues brought up in the last update. It didn’t kill any batteries in Zigbee devices that I’ve noticed.
You’ll be happy to know that it did screw up ½ my Zigbee lights. Now I know why I had so much fun last night trying to get my lights working and synced up again.

I should have realized as soon as crap started going wrong that there was another surprise FW update involved.


My V2 device is blinking red after the firmware update and won’t come back online.

Unfortunately the “Samsunification” of SmartThings has finally destroyed the few good things that remain. Samsung is a dishonest, dishonorable company. Its a shame to see the contamination spread to the ST division.