Slow and non responsive devices since hub update

Since my hub upgraded itself overnight earlier in the week we’ve noticed a number of device no longer work or are very slow to respond. Meaning the ST solution is no longer working for us. Have emailed support but waiting for a response so wanted to know if anyone else in the UK is experiencing the same issues, some of which are…

Z-wave plugs (tkb, greenwave & aeotec) all turn on after a long delay. Around 10 mins today and was 45 minutes yesterday
Xiaomi smart sensors (motion, temp, contact) have stopped reporting back

I am having a lot of issues with Smartthings over last 4-5 days

  1. Devices unresponsive or delayed (1 minute or more)
  2. Constant Zwave restarts
  3. Incorrect device status

I have 100+ devices. Have emailed support but no response. Very frustrated with Smartthings.

I finally got a reply from support… pretty much saying as my devices use custom handlers they can’t really advise much other than to do a z-wave repair…

giving it a go now!

odd that your issue occured at the same time - do you have a case ref number? as I will see if putting that in my reply to them make them realise it could be a wider issue

are your devices ST branded or something else?

Here’s mine 642041. It’s been open for over a month with little ST engagement, which is typical. What ST told you is bull$hit.

Look here for others with problems:


Here is mine - 658872

I use no custom device handlers anymore so what ST is saying is bullshit.

Time to move to another platform as ST is really going down the drain

I’m seriously thinking about jumping ship right now!

I have loads of devices and automations but if they don’t work it’s pointless!!

Are you both UK based out of interest as I have read about issues in US similar to what I’m seeing…

I’m in the US, but ST’s desire to screw up customers globally seems to have worked.

I am in the UK and most of my devices are Fibaro.

Still waiting for a further reply from support after telling them the repair did nothing…

Would be nice to roll back to the old firmware just to see if that helps!

good luck with that. did you see the reply I got in the 24.20 discussion? (towards the bottom) they closed my ticket yesterday. total bs

good luck with that too. ST has never rolled back a firmware update, no matter how bad it got. they’ve paused rollouts before, but never rolled back.

I know there is no chance in rolling back… at this point I am considering jumping to another platform

The latest response is very generic…

" How close are your Z-Wave devices to the SmartThings Hub, and/or to other Z-Wave repeater devices? We do recommend using repeater devices every 25’ - 30’ to ensure that your devices have a robust mesh network with which to connect. This article, A guide to wireless range and repeaters, offers some helpful information regarding range and how to best utilize repeater devices."

I had no issues before the firmware so find it unlikely to be anything at home. No new devices have been added and none removed for a long time so I believe my network is quite robust. no way of checking this though!

Think I might have the same sort of issue. All of a sudden devices are very slow to update (or seem to not update as all, even though they show up as ONLINE in the IDE). Was all great until earlier this week.
Does anyone have suggestions to get things working again?

Unfortunately not, all I can suggest is to contact support as the more of us that do the more chance we have of getting it resolved…

Do you all still have this issue? I do and getting nowhere with support…

I had similar issues as this on zigbee only, but switching off OTA updates and doing a mesh rebuild eventually sorted it out.


Mine was working fine until this update landed, looking for a alternative now after two years of dealing with this constant ST unreliability is enough for me now.

I’m with you on that one, think I’m going to look at Hubitat!

ST Support have emailed me back again this morning asking me to try power cycling my faulty devices! They keep asking me to do stupid things like this and I’m getting nowhere…