Hub V3 Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.22

An updated firmware for the SmartThings Hub (2018) [aka V3] is being released on Thursday 12/27 between 10AM-1PM Eastern. Updated hubs will experience a couple of minutes of downtime as they apply the update and reboot.

This is a minor/bugfix release. See the release notes below for additional information.

Hub(s) Affected:

SmartThings Hub (2018) [aka V3]

Firmware Version


Release Date

Thursday 12/27. Staged release starting 10AM Eastern. Expected to be done by 1PM Eastern.

Release Notes

  • Bug fixes for Wi-Fi connectivity issues including issues resulting in onboarding showing stuck at 99% upon claim or failure to connect to Wi-Fi after a reboot.
  • Wi-Fi reconfiguration support:
  • Device firmware updates for SmartThings Outlet and sensors (2018)

Other Notes

  • To receive the firmware update the hub must be online. Users whose hubs are not currently connected due to Wi-Fi issues should plug their hub into ethernet until the hub receives the update and then retest on Wi-Fi.
  • If ethernet is unavailable and the hub does not have a connection to the cloud (blinking or solid blue) then performing a factory reset may be required:

*** If ethernet is unavailable and the hub does not have a connection to the cloud (blinking or solid blue) then performing a factory reset may be required:**

Is it really true that if your hub is offline during the update you may have to completely reset your system? If true, this seems like a truly awful design. What if your ISP is down? You are in the middle of changing ISP’s? Power outage? Just a few scenarios off the top of my head.

No, sorry for the confusion, we release the updates to sets up hubs in batches followed by rate limiting the release to online hubs that are not claiming for the first time during the staged release window. After the window, hubs will check in to our update servers reporting what they have and will be served appropriate updates to get them on the expected target firmware based on channel (with the majority of hubs being on the default/prod channel).

The main reason we have a window of time is to allow us to do a couple things:

  1. Avoid undue stress on other downstream components due to hub online/offline events with changed pieces of state.
  2. We release in batches starting with small batches and increasing size until we fully release the (still rate limited) flood gates. This allows us to more carefully monitor for problems that were not discovered in earlier testing that might be of concern that become apparent when we are dealing with a statistically larger population of hubs. The most basic test here is to check whether the majority of hubs that were online previously and received the update report having been updated and check back in with the update servers.

I was hoping this release would somehow fix my scenes (ooops something went wrong when trying to create a new scene) but it did not… :frowning: Waiting for next one with great anticipation :). Thank you for sharing some firmware love with my hub :wink:

Most anything that bubbles back to something you see in the UX is probably unrelated to the hub firmware. I’ll throw @vlad and team under the bus and let that conversation happen off channel.


Some conversation about the issue happened a few months ago but the issue was never resolved. Thank you for looking into it.

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