FAQ: Zwave repair not working (how to fix error messages)

I’m having challenges with several of my zwave devices working. When I attempt to do a network repair inside of the zwave utilities, I don’t get any action being performed on the hub. I’ve run the repair from both the android application and from the website. When I watch the log after selecting repair, no entries show up in the log. Suggestions?

I just started one from the IDE… I do see it in the live logging…

60a2de5e-7f24-41cf-948c-444f264c99b5 ‎2‎:‎46‎:‎34‎ ‎PM: trace cp desc: zwStatus:network repair:Z-Wave network repair started

60a2de5e-7f24-41cf-948c-444f264c99b5 ‎2‎:‎46‎:‎34‎ ‎PM: trace cp desc: Z-Wave network repair started

60a2de5e-7f24-41cf-948c-444f264c99b5 ‎2‎:‎49‎:‎58‎ ‎PM: trace cp desc: zwStatus:ready:Z-Wave network repair finished

60a2de5e-7f24-41cf-948c-444f264c99b5 ‎2‎:‎49‎:‎58‎ ‎PM: trace cp desc: Z-Wave network repair finished

What do you mean IDE?


  1. Go to my hubs
  2. Open Live logging in another tab. Wait for it to start showing some activities.
  3. Click utilities under my hubs. You should see a ‘repair zwave network’ option. Click on it.
  4. Go back to live logging and you should see that it started. and after couple of minutes, you should see finished.
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Yup, what @smart said. Alternatively after logging in, go to My Hubs, scroll down and look for “List Events” and click on that. Then click on “from hub” to see details as well. Refresh every so often. You can kick off a repair as well by clicking on the “View Utilities” button.

Here are some common messages I see during a repair process, and how I interpret them: (I’m sure there’s an official definition for these messages) @JDRoberts, care to chime in?

Z-Wave device [ID]: Not responding” - This is an orphaned device, typically from manually removing/deleting a device without it being properly excluded (I think). When this message comes up without a name and just an ID, ST has something messed up in the mesh table and it never ever goes away. This drives me nuts because I have a lot of them, and I believe it causes a zwave repair to take a lot longer than it should.

Network repair for [device name or ID]: Failed to update mesh info” - Not a big deal I think, but an indication that a device may be in use while the mesh table was being read or updated and it timed out, or it could be a time out trying to reach a device (?). I get these every so often, but it’s not caused me problems yet.

Network repair for [device name or ID]: Could not assign new route” - This is bad. When I see this message I know I have a device that is no longer controllable and needs re-included (Replace function via the phone app), or requires a General Device Exclusion.

Also note that a repair process can take a long time depending upon how many devices you have, as well as other factors.

Here’s another good reference in our community:


@Jim ,

Are the log messages for the zwave repair utility documented anywhere?

Not in the developer docs. Perhaps there’s some more info needed in the KB on this page for more info?

That would be a good place for it. :blush:

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Following the instructions here after logging into my account, i cannot get the network repair utility to work. Opening Live Logging in another tab, or going to hub Events after initiating network repair does nothing, no messages anything like in this thread, no indication any repair is happening or was successful or not. I have tried half a dozen times letting it run for an hour. All I see is a little wheel turning under hub Events… Live logging just reports regular network traffic from sensors etc. What’s up - Or how do I really get network repair to work? Thanks

@RonaldL52 I’m having the same problem! I don’t get any indication that a repair is happening…

If you just see the little wheel turning, the connection has been lost. Look at the Hub events list to see past events. You should see the start of the z-wave network repair there. What I do is use the live Hub Events page without the zwNwkRepair Name Filter (leave the Name Filter blank). Open that page in a separate tab first, the start the z-wave repair. You should see all of the events there (plus a few pings and other things).


Really, this is the best status diaplay we can provide, i have no idea if its runing or not? Suerly a status or list of devices could be added as they are tested. Only seen a completed message once in 10 runs…

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If you get those with an ID rather than a device name, this is most likely an orphaned device - you can check in My Devices whether you actually do have a device with that ID. If not, you can remove it by following these steps (I just did that to remove the ten or so orphaned devices I had and after three more network repairs, I was able to get the network repaired without any errors):

  1. Go to My Devices
  2. Click “New Device” at the top right
  3. Enter some obvious name (I just used “Trash”), put the orphaned network ID into the “Device Network ID” field, select “Z-Wave Device” as the type, and select your location and hub
  4. Click “Create”
  5. In the mobile app, go to this newly created device (you might have to refresh the device list), select “Edit Device” and force-remove the device

This will remove the orphaned associations from the hub and no longer cause the hub to look for non-existent devices.


Can some one tell me if the zwave repair action is still included in the IDE? I cannot find it anywhere?



It’s at the hub level, since people may have more than one hub.

Enter IDE
Choose My Hubs
Select a specific hub
Look down the page for “View Utilities”

You should then be able to select Zwave repair.

Thanks for the reply @JDRoberts. Oddly I am still not seeing it? Is it suppose to be on this page?

Below the Data box (bottom of your .jpg) there should be two more lines, one for Events and one for Utilities.

The right side of Utilities is a link labeled “View Utilities.” Click that.

Hmmm, no utilities for me…so it seems?

Wow, that’s weird! Are you in the US or UK? Hub V1 or Hub V2?

US and V2, thanks again for your thoughts and help.