Select devices - failed to update mesh info

After a power outage I now have 3 smart bulbs that are uncontrollable either manually through the phone app or via the previously working sundown/sunset automation. They also show up in the device list with a status of inactive.

i have read through FAQ: Zwave repair not working (fixing error messages) but still do not understand what path to take to get them working again. I have run the Z-Wave network repair multiple times from a phone and the IDE. On the phone and under Hub events, I can see the repair begin, complaints about name[ID] “failed to update mesh info” and “failed to update route” for each device I’m having a problem with, and the repair finish. I do not see any entries about the repair in Livelogging.

I have powercycled the hub a few times and rebooted the hub through the IDE. After a reboot through the IDE Hub events show my broken devices as name[ID]: Not responding.

I’m not sure what to try next.

You should definitely get in touch with support.

Meanwhile, what’s the brand and model of the smart bulbs that aren’t responding?

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As @JDRoberts stated, contact support. Sounds like you’ve got your zwave mesh going crazy. Depending on the brand of the bulb, those are more than likely zigbee, not zwave, so doing a zwave repair won’t help. Rejoining (rerunning the inclusion process) the bulbs will do the trick.


To repair zigbee mesh reset ST hub and leave powered off for about10 minutes.

For more info go here:

To do a zigbee heal ( The equivalent of running a Z wave repair utility) you don’t need to reset the hub. Just take the hub off power, including removing any batteries, for at least 15 minutes while leaving all of the other zigbee devices on power.

The other devices will go into “panic mode” when they realize they can’t reach the hub.

Then when the hub does come back on power, each of the individual zigbee devices will rebuild their own individual neighbor tables. This can take some time, so you may not see improvements until the next day.

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I shouldve said reboot not reset

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All 3 bulbs are GoControl/Linear LB60Z-1 z-wave bulbs. Support is telling me to reset the bulbs.

If any device falls off mesh it is normally the device , NOT the hub that needs to be reset. Not uncommon after a power failure for devices not to wake up.

If they are listed as inactive you should be able to select them in the app and simply do a replace. ST will see them as broken, try to fix them. When that fails it will tell you to put device into inclusion and include it right back where it belongs including all routines and automations

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Reporting back in, @RLDreams’ directions were accurate and succinct. I have a reset mode on the bulbs, and after a reset on one bulb the controller found the bulb immediately and control from the app was restored. For the other 2 bulbs I recieved a red error “you are not authorized…” and the devices were both removed from the device list on the phone and IDE. I just treated them as new deices at that point and everything seems to be back to normal.


Where is “replace” located in the app? When I select the “thing” I only see remove. Am I looking in the right place?

Replace is only available for Z-wave devices, their network ID is assigned by the hub

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Gotcha - thanks!