Z-wave repair failing

I’ve been trying to do a z-wave network repair, and I keep having a handful of devices that fail to update their mesh network. It isn’t always the same devices, and it isn’t every device every time. Sometimes one device fails, sometimes up to 4-5. I keep repairing over and over again hoping one of these times they’ll all be successful, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do.

In case it matters, I have quite a few devices on my network, and there isn’t more than 15-20 feet between any two devices.


One thing that has worked for me is to use the mobile app and “replace” the failing device (assuming one is failing) with itself. After which, my problems tend to go away.

Same here. Zwave is just not working properly. I have reset multiple devices and am constantly receiving lots of CRC-16 error events in the hub events. Have been trying to chase down for about 3 weeks now, but unless ST add further troubleshooting tools I am dead in the water


The issue with zwave right now is the delayBetween command that’s used in many zwave device handlers is being evaluated in seconds, not milliseconds, this will likely cause many of the commands to not run…
A patch for this is supposed to go out tomorrow, I doubt there will be any notice about this, but there you go.

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Good to hear, but that shouldn’t affect a zwave repair unless something is really whack, that’s a controller-level command.

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With st’s wheels haven fallen off last week, I’m not discounting anything…, but you’re right with the repair, it should work.


ST does autocross…

Maybe… they’re already hedging their bets:

I don’t recall the last time I saw any results from a z-wave repair.

Have you heard anything regarding the Zigbee issues (i.e. bulbs stop working and need to be re-added multiple times)?

EDIT: Or the repeated corruption with Rule Machine?

its funny how the experience is so different for people. In the last week I have done 3 z wave repairs and have had 0 failures. Usually I have to do the repair 3 or 4 times before I get thru it without errors.

Yea, heard all about rm, getting no where with my elevated status, I fear it’s been deemed that rm is too complex of an app for st, there’s a suprise… I know nothing about zigbee issues…
However if the zigbee device types are using delayBetween in any of the code, they will fail on that account…

I’m seeing the same issues with two GE in wall switches we just installed. Trying to run the repair after I installed them last night and just keep getting “Network repair for XYZ failed to update route”

The fix should be going out today.

Sorry about this guys.

Which fix would that be?

The one for milliseconds? for SHM? for zigbee devices falling off? for apps losing application state? for mobile app out of sync?

Hard to keep track… Nice to see that everything is “Operational”. But, of course, it’s not, so WTF?


Great, thanks Tim. I’m new to most of this, so I’m guessing a few things on this. But if/when the release goes out today/tonight, I’m presuming the ST hub will receive the software update, work its magic, and reboot? Is there a normal maintenance window this stuff happens during? IE, 4am local time once a week or something?

No firmware update required. It’ll happen seamlessly.

If a backend platform update fixes an issue with the zwave repair utility failing then I’m really confused. Why is the backend even involved other than keeping the logs?


If a z-wave device uses the delayBetween function it will fail at that device since the delayBetween isn’t working. We have a fix ready for delayBetween.

I understand how that would affect a smartapp, but why a hub utility? Are you saying the SmartThings zwave repair utility uses the custom device handlers in the account library to talk to the devices?

@duncan ?