[DEPRECATED] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)


The 1.4.* release has been superceded by the new 1.5.* release, available here:


As of version 1.4.06 of Ecobee Suite Manager, users should no longer experience ANY cause to require re-login/re-authentication to/with the Ecobee Cloud servers. While the connection may fail for a variety of reasons, Ecobee Suite Manager will automatically recover and retry failed connections to the Ecobee API once the issues are resolved (e.g., server outage, SSL certificate expiration, link timeouts, etc.).

The significant changes in 1.4.* include:

  • Ecobee Suite (Connect) has been renamed to Ecobee Suite Manager
  • Created devices are now named “EcobeeSensor: (ecobee sensor name)” and “Ecobee Thermostat: (ecobee thermostat name)” to avoid duplicating previously installed versions/devices
  • The network ID of created Sensors’ will be different from prior releases (this is what caused most of the issues)

What’s New

To see all the updates that have been made to version 1.4.* since its initial release, please search this thread for “UPDATE NOTIFICATION”. Each SmartApp and DTH file has its own version number, files are updated and released independently (whenever possible). Using the GitHub igegration or the Community Installer ([OBSOLETE] Community SmartApp Installer)

New Name, New Namespace and New GitHub Repository

The most significant enhancement with the release of 1.4.* is the separation of this Ecobee Suite from the stock SmartThings Ecobee support, as well as from all prior versions of both @StrykerSKS’ and my own Ecobee integration.

These changes mean two Very Important things:

  1. Installing this version WILL NOT update your existing version.
    If you want to switch to this version:
    • You will be required to create all new SmartThings devices
    • You will have to re-create any Helper SmartApps you may be currently using
    • You will have to change any SmartThings SmartApps and/or Routines to use the new devices created by this Suite
  2. You can now run this version along with:
    • the stock SmartThings Ecobee support
    • @StrykerSKS’ Ecobee support (from which I had forked my own implementation)
    • prior versions of my Ecobee support
    • and of course, alongside any other Ecobee support that uses different names and namespace

Significantly, these changes should minimize/eliminate issues many users have had when they tried to replace the stock SmartThings support for Ecobee devices.

Users of prior versions of my Ecobee support should review the Upgrading from Prior Releases section of the documentation for IMPORTANT information before installing this version.

Key enhancements in release 1.4.0

  • New/improved setpoint adjustments, including using the Up/Down arrows on the main tile;
    • In Celsius, the Up/Down arrows will increment in 0.5° steps, just like the thermostat. The slider, however, is limited to full 1.0° steps. This is a restriction of the current SmartThings Slider implementation;
  • Enhanced User Interface, with the addition of
    • Current & Target humidity level displays (the latter only when humidifier or dehumidifier is enabled;
    • New slider to manually adjust fan circulation time (fanMinOnTime);
  • Better (complete?) support for Celsius thermostats;
  • Silent handling and automatic recovery of connection timeouts between SmartThings and the Ecobee cloud APIs, for fewer of those ominous “You MUST reconnect” notifications;
  • A cornucopia of performance optimizations to improve both initial installation and running performance
  • Improved API status display (last row in the Thermostat UI) - now shows “WARN” status when a call to the Ecobee API times out


Versions prior to 1.4.0 of the Ecobee support that I used to maintain (under the “SmartThings” namespace) are now fully deprecated. If you choose to use the standard SmartThings Ecobee support (which as of April 2018 now supports the new Ecobee Switch) will be REQUIRED to delete all of my Ecobee SmartApps and Device Handlers in the SmartThings namespace. Otherwise, you will be unable to take advantage of the recent SmartThings enhancements and features.

Note that you can easily run both my Ecobee Suite and the SmartThings Ecobee support at the same time. You may not want to register your thermostats and sensors to both instances (e.g., just use the SmartThings DTH for the Ecobee switch support).


I just updated from the old v1.2* to the new v1.4.0 and things went great. I installed and added all the devices first, swapped out the old for the new devices in my SmartApps, then deleted the old. The ability to install the new v1.4.0 along side the old v1.2* helped out so much.

Thanks for the great app Barry.


Ditto here … updated to v1.4.0 from v1.2.91 … painless :smile:

Of course, now the ecobee servers seem to be down for me at the moment LOL … 2/12/2018, 8:48am PST …

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Yeah - another error type I didn’t know I needed to handle…will add soon…

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On Feb 12, 2018 @ 3:10pm EST, Ecobee Suite Manager has been updated to version 1.4.03

Fixes in this release include:

  • Now handles javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException as a temporary, non-fatal exception, as with Timeout exceptions
  • Now recovers more cleanly (and quickly) from transient (temporary) errors (like the two mentioned above)
  • Cleaned up unnecessary restarting (rescheduling) of the poll daemon
  • Changed all internal mentions of “Ecobee (Connect)” to “Ecobee Suite Manager”

It is recommended that all users running 1.4.x upgrade to this ASAP.

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Update on my experience:

It wasn’t quite as smooth as every else. I had to enable OATH in the SA for the Ecobee connection to work. It also created the test devices and then errored out unless I manually removed them from IDE.

I ended up completely uninstalling both, reinstalling 1.4.0 and resetting all of my devices and routines. No big deal as it is a pretty awesome SA, but wanted to make sure you knew.



Oooo…that’s not good at all…

Yes, you have to enable OAuth, I thought I had made that painfully clear. If not, please tell me where you think I should have mentioned it - I might have missed a path.

You should have gotten an error notice about oAuth if you tried to run the SA without oAuth enabled…did that work?

As for the test devices, I’ll try to figure out which path left them hanging and clean up better…it’s possible these are related to the oAuth as well.

Thanks for letting me know!!!

Actually - yes you did make that painfully clear when I tried to connect to Ecobee it said I needed to enable OAuth. Maybe it would be best to have it called out above in your release update? I thought I had done something wrong and the message was to instruct me to correct the issue.

So an assumption on my part! But maybe I am not the only one that was not expecting that message and thought that I had done something wrong. Also, it said that I needed to enable OAuth for “Ecobee (Connect)” which is not the new SA name…that was also confusing. I still had the old version in my repo, so I thought it was telling to enable OAuth on my old version…

Anyway - still a fantastic SA…thank you for your efforts!!!

I’ll fix the wrong name name part ASAP…

Did the Ecobee Suite Routines change? Previously I was able to set Ecobee in Away program on a ST mode change and set it “until I change it.” Now it appears that “until I change it” is no longer available.

Also, using a mode change to resume program is no longer available.

What version of the Ecobee Suite “Routines” are you using. I just checked on 1.4.0, and both options are still there. You can’t specify a hold type if you set the action to resume program, but otherwise you can still choose the type.

Oops! User error! I was using the action (set Away) as my trigger instead of the mode (also Away). :smiley:

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Hi I just came across this tonight and have been using the older Ecobee Connect. I will ultimately remove the old platform but I was reading the instructions on your github page to deploy the new version and it said I could wait to uninstall until after the new one was up and running. I installed on the IDE and followed the instructions to launch the Ecobee Suite Manager smartapp and connect it to my ecobee account. I did this and click done and now I am on the next screen and I click save to proceed and get the following error "Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again. If I try to remove the Suite Manager so I can set it up again, I get “An unexpected error occurred.” Not sure how to proceed. Thanks.

EDIT: I figured it out. I will leave the info above in case someone else runs into the issue but I had to delete the sensors and thermostat setup from the Ecobee connect app and then I was able to hit save and proceed.

Keep crashing in my ST mobile app. Im unable to remove the Ecobee Suite Manager off My App in Smart App Section in ST. Anyone knows ? Tks

All setup. Thank you for the new release :slight_smile:

Android or iOS?


On Feb 14, 2018 @ 2:05pm PST, Ecobee Suite Manager has been updated to version 1.4.04

Fixes in this release include:

  • Handle javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException & java.net.SocketTimeoutException as temporary (timeout) errors
  • Auto-retry 3 times on (timeout) errors, every 15 seconds, then fall back to the regularly scheduled (pollingFrequency) polls
  • Clear WARN state of apiStatus on next successful API call (report recovery quicker)

Due to the high frequency of SSL errors witnessed today, it is recommended that all users running 1.4.x upgrade to this version ASAP.

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On Feb 14, 2018 @ 3:10pm PST, Ecobee Suite Thermostat has been updated to version 1.4.01

Fixed in this release:

  • Limit display of apiConnect state changes in device logs to debug levels 4 and 5 (tile still gets updated)

This is not a mandatory fix, but it reduces some of the clutter in your device logs when there are connection timeouts with the Ecobee API Cloud Servers…

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Is it just me? Or are version numbers going down?

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Excellent question - thanks for asking:

Each SmartApp and Device in the Suite has its own revision number, so that they can be updated independently, without forcing every one of them to be updated when I only need to change one file.

So, at the moment, most files are at 1.4.0, while Ecobee Suite Manager is at 1.4.04, and Ecobee Suite Thermostat is at 1.4.01

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